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TRAMX TRP Africa/Middle East

TRAMX. Fund Manager Oliver Bell has rescued this fund. Now, even the numbers going 5 years back look good. Of course it's volatile, political uncertainty, nutso crazies in that region doing violent, stupid things. But the fund thrives, even if stalled a bit very recently.


  • I have this in wife's retirement portfolio. I was buying on the dips down in the $4-8 range and racked up quite a few shares. I would think around 5 or so plus years it will start moving upwards as a lot of US companies are investing heavily on infrastructure in that part of the world waiting on this frontier to take off.
  • I think you're right. I bought at $7.19. Nice profit, took the gain and moved it to PRWCX. Still riding my original amount, up +12.8% for me. I suppose that would be YTD, because I moved that chunk just after the New Year, 2014. M* says it's up 12.18% ytd.
  • I have been buying since the fund first started in 2007, and I'm up roughly 23%. Some of what I purchased has already doubled in share price. I read an article, that the toothpaste companies hand out small tubes and toothbrushes and teach them how to use, thinking that as they make more money, they move onto the larger tubes and start taking care of themselves better.
  • I have a little TRAMX, will probably add more.
  • @Crash: Africa and the Middle East cover a lot of ground for investment opportunities, even with the economic and political situation in the region the fund has done very well. The fund is ranked # 3 in the (MR) Category by U.S. News & World Report.
  • The top holding is Naspers, which is owns about a third of Asian internet giant Tencent. It initially invested around $32M in it in 2001 and has not sold a share. Tencent is now worth about $139B.

    Naspers is actually a pretty fascinating kind of E-commerce/media conglomerate. Sort of an emerging markets Viacom or News Corp.

  • :) I'm glad I brought it up.
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