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Dentist, S.S., & now Medicare

We've recently had lively discussions on the first two & now I'd like to bring Medicare in to view. After yearly physical & billing, I had 8 services denied. This denial also caused by insurance to deny any payment.
Now if I had used my insurances wellness program some of those test would have been picked up by the insurance.
After reaching the age of 65 , one can have the wellness physical by submitting $100 up front.
My question thus boils down to this: Can an insurance company deny payment solely on denial from Medicare ?
I believe the denial was in part do to Medicare not knowing my complete medical history . Thus I plan to appeal the denial after talking with NP that did the annual wellness visit.
Any thoughts on this topic would be appreciated.
Have nice Sunday,


  • Never had ANY claim denied from Medicare, what could the "service" be? Medicare can be free but Co-pays and some % of expenses are not......
  • edited June 2015
    What a pain in the ya-ya. I have heard of situations like yours and people usually win the appeals. Which only says - waste of time and money when the claim is obviously legit and the only problem is a technicality that will work itself out in time. It depends on the policy as to the insurance company's role. Is it a private policy outside of Medicare, a Medigap policy secondary to Medicare, a Medicare Advantage plan that only plays by Medicare rules as they interpret them with no expanded benefits; or other???? I feel for you but I think you might be in for a lot of Medicare call center transfers unless they give you the phone number of the person assigned your case.
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