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Dow Stocks Oversold And Breaking Down

FYI: The Dow is now back in the red for the year with a YTD decline of 15 bps. The average stock in the index is still up, but only slightly at +15 bps. Below is our trading range screen for the 30 stocks in the Dow. For each stock, the dot represents where it’s currently trading, while the tail end represents where it was trading one week ago. The black vertical “N” line represents each stock’s 50-day moving average, and moves into the red or green zones are considered overbought or oversold.


  • Geez - About half way thru 2015, and the Dow is in the red. Anybody see this coming?
  • My own domestics:
    MAPOX -0.16% ytd
    MSCFX 2.03% (small cap)
    PRWCX 3.71
    NAESX 4.80% (small-cap)
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