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Any guys here 85 years or older?

edited June 2015 in Fund Discussions
We have had many discussions recently about retirement planning (thanks Dex) I sense most, if not all of us including me, tend to far overestimate their longevity. Obviously that optimism is warranted less we outlive our nest egg and the consequences thereof. But the other side of the coin also has drawbacks primarily dying too rich and not fully enjoying the fruits of our labor over a lifetime of investing. Longevity tables tell us that the first wave of baby boomers should expect to live to around 85/86. But I have my doubts about that statistic. I know a lot of widows and females in my neighborhood who are in their mid 80s+ but not one widower or male. I am just curious if any males who actively follow this board are over 85. I know Ron and MJG are around 81 but can't recall anyone much older. Maybe a stupid question so just humor me.

Edit: I don't mean to imply that there aren't any of us males around over 85. Just few and far between.


  • Here is an interesting article on people 100 years and older. There are five times as many women as men in this group:
  • I'm 60, and have been using 85 as my check out date. I think sitting on your butt is the thing that will kill you the fastest. Financially, I think after a point (excluding high inflation) expenses will remain constant. As you slow down, discretionary expenses will decline while other expenses increase.
  • edited June 2015
    @Junkster, outstanding post !

    I have seen too many people die in my presence at too young of an age despite my interventions, and I think that folks should underestimate their longevity in order to fully appreciate each and every day, have as few regrets as possible, live life to the fullest, optimize their physical/mental/spiritual health, maximize wealth creation for their family, and most importantly, be spiritually prepared for the next life. Now if you outlive your underestimate, so much the better ! But at least you were prepared for the worse case scenario.

  • @Junkster Good to hear there are so many women in your area living past 85; that will keep you busy!:) However, several decades from now, that trend won't be lasting. How would you guess middle-aged women are doing? A research note from CDC plopped into my inbox several months ago, regarding an unexpected finding from analyzing 2010 census data. My memory could be a bit off on this, but starting in the Appalachian Mtns in eastern KY and TENN, extending down slightly into ALA and MISS, and the swiggling across all of ARK, lower part of OKLA and into W. Texas, something is happening to middle-aged women--- they're dieing in appalling numbers. How appalling? Enough to drive the life expectancy for all women living within that bounded area all the way down to 75! It is impacting all races/ethnic groups. This hasn't happened before. Needless to say, a good chunk of the mini-census (2015) will be devoted to getting a handle on this; they really don't know.
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    all the way down to 75! It is impacting all races/ethnic groups.
    That sounds like the farm belt. Don't forget that in their childhood the wonders of modern living hit hard with pesticides (DDT), herbicides, processed food, plastics (and still open air burning) etc. and, yes, obesity. I have never believed that "boomers" would have the longevity people fear. My high school class seems to be losing both women and men. (The Mississippi delta.) Also many women smoked.

  • I'm am not 85 but some of my friends are in their 90's. still active and have plenty of money, none were millionaires at retirement (not working) in their 60's........
    How did they do it? wanta guess
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