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Summer reading



  • edited September 2015
    Accipiter said:

    Ted said:

    @ MFO Members: This thread dates back to 2013-14, one would think a new thread woud have been in order,

    splitters vs. lumpers ideologies

    reading is timeless.
    It certainly is...until this comment, I had no idea the thread was started several years ago. Maybe it's a personal quirk, but when I find an author I like, I go back to their first work and plow through their collection so even a comment of several years ago is informative. I am a sucker for light fiction, such as Baldacci, Steve Berry and their ilk. A mental note has been made for Raymond Chandler. IPAD 2 is the best personal tech item for me for the last few years. I borrow books, magazines and all sorts of things from the library. Plus, my subscription to the daily NY Times to keep current on reality. Showing pictures of trips and all sorts of things. Consider this an unsolicited recommendation.
  • The Crash of 2016 - Thom Hartmann
  • edited November 2015
    It's winter not summer....

    wow, wow, wow - What a brilliant book.
    Humans of New York Stories / Brandon Stanton

    page 168

    from book shows a guy in a t-shirt sitting on a park bench

    the caption-story

    "I had an interview at Golman Sachs. It was a total wipeout. It was really friendly for the first six hours, and I thought I was doing great. Then right at the end, when my brain was turning to mush, they brought in a math mastermind who crushed me."

  • @Accipiter Had an adult peregrine on my back fence last week. I think all falcons are pretty amazing, but had forgotten just how gorgeous the peregrine is. Unlike the prairie and chicken hawks, she was fearless and knew exactly what she was doing (culling out my annoying CA quail population---yes!).
  • @heezsafe- Innocent question: why are (what qualities make) your CA quail annoying? Never heard anything like that before.
  • edited November 2015
    heezsafe said: Had an adult peregrine on my back fence last week.
    nice. always great to see.
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