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Now I'm concerned of thread high jacking and closures

edited March 2016 in Off-Topic
Sad to view that your link got high jacked @Ted and then closed.

The recent event with the thread at the above link has given me pause to post a thread.

I'm reminded of military justice which is now everywhere. When in the military, I recall the 1 in 100 jerk who chose to not salute an officer or some other infraction. Everyone was punished, lest we forget our manners.

The above, now closed, thread is such an event. The wreckage of this thread will remain on this forum as a reminder to everyone, yes? Maybe a few will remember and learn. Would it not be best to punish those who caused the wreck?

Tis not unlike dragging the twisted remains of an auto involved in the deaths of teenagers into the school parking lot for a few days to remind the living about bad judgments. But, the wreckage need not be left there for eternity.

I have nothing more to add.

Now, back to higher priorities with the snow blower.

Edit: just saw OJ's post dated an hour earlier than this write. Nothing has changed or been edited from the original above.

Ya'll have a good remainder.



  • "Now, back to higher priorities with the snow blower." I think that says it all.
  • Ooooo! Bought an electric snow blower today. Hurt me elbow shoveling out after the last storm and can't afford to aggravate it. Found a highly-rated model for about 40% off at my local home center. I'm about half-wishing that tonight's threatened snow will be heavy enough to give me an excuse to go play.

    On the hijacking thing, I left at fuller explanation of things on OJ's new O-T thread. I hope that helps.

    Now, back to higher priorities with the snow blower fantasy!

  • What exactly is a "snow blower", anyway? I've never seen one here in SF.

    Hee hee...:-P
  • edited March 2016

    "Heavy" snowfall in San Francisco. This happened when I was a teenager. Little did I know that some 50 years later I was to spend a whole lot of time as a 911 public safety radio technician at the Twin Peaks radio site- the two smaller towers to the right. We also had some equipment located in the Sutro Tower TV antenna site, the big tower on the left, and I've been way up there a number of times to service that stuff. Great view!
  • edited March 2016
    Sure it wasn't that "skyscraper" on the right you remember ??
    Snow in San Francisco (1887)
    Snowstorms in downtown San Francisco are rare; in fact, during the last 150 years there have been only six documented snowfall events with one inch or more measured in that district. Snow accumulates more frequently and to greater depths on the surrounding hills, but the inner city itself is almost always spared the winter coat of white. (The last time San Francisco's financial district received an inch of snow was December 11, 1932.)

  • Wow- great pic! No, I don't quite remember that.:)
  • edited March 2016
    @Old_Joe Follow-up SRAQU (Burning a hole in his pocket ? )
    C E O Who Helped Create the Shale Oil Industry,Ready to Pick Up the Pieces With 2016's Biggest I P O
    Item 8.01 Other Events.
    On February 29, 2016, Silver Run Acquisition Corporation (the "Company") consummated its initial public offering ("IPO") of 50,000,000 units (the "Units"), including the issuance of 5,000,000 Units as a result of the underwriters' partial exercise of their over-allotment option. Each Unit consists of one share of Class A common stock of the Company, par value $0.0001 per share (the "Class A Common Stock"), and one-third of one warrant of the Company ("Warrant"), each whole Warrant entitling the holder thereof to purchase one whole share of Class A Common Stock for $11.50 per share. The Units were sold at a price of $10.00 per unit, generating gross proceeds to the Company of $500,000,000.

    Simultaneously with the closing of the IPO, the Company completed the private sale of 8,000,000 warrants (the "Private Placement Warrants") at a purchase price of $1.50 per Private Placement Warrant, to the Company's sponsor, Silver Run Sponsor, LLC (the "Sponsor"), generating gross proceeds to the Company of $12,000,000. The Private Placement Warrants are identical to the warrants sold as part of the Units in the IPO,

    A total of $500,000,000, comprised of $490,000,000 of the proceeds from the IPO, including approximately $17,500,000 of the underwriters' deferred discount, and $10,000,000 of the proceeds of the sale of the Private Placement Warrants, were placed in a U.S.-based trust account at J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., maintained by Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company, acting as trustee

    Current environment/comments from Exxon Chief
    Exxon CEO: Industry mired in debt has destroyed value, “encumbered” U.S. oil resources
    Posted on March 2, 2016 | By Collin Eaton
    The Exxon Mobil chief said oil prices could go lower than current levels, as producers are still oversupplying a global oil market that doesn’t need as much oil at the moment.

    The global economy isn’t “particularly inspiring,” with U.S. gross domestic product likely to come in under 3 percent this year and China’s transition from a diesel-heavy manufacturing economy.

    “I don’t think we can look to the market’s demand side to necessarily solve this quickly for us,” he said.

    Still, even when oil prices recover, it may not matter for some over-levered companies.

    “We don’t feel compelled to be in a big rush (to transact an acquisition) even if the environment changes for some of these companies, it doesn’t necessarily change the value proposition because of the shape they put themselves in,” Tillerson said.
  • edited March 2016
    People who live in glasss houses shouldn't throw stones - and I'm one of them. I'll venture to say a fine line between being a little bit of a pest and being so persistently pesty you muck-up the proceedings and hurt other people. I'm reminded of a poster on FA who was convinced during the 07-08 route that stocks were heading to zero and kept haranguing folks to sell everything. The frequency and shrillness of those posts increased to the point where it was interfering with normal discourse and so Roy, I'm sure reluctantly, banned that poster during the final few months.

    It's really difficult here because, as OJ has noted before, the poster not to be named occasionally posted some darned good original content. Unfortunately, it wasn't always followed-up with fair, rational or considerate discussion on his part. I can't be the only one here who suspects those posts may not have been always composed by the same individual, but rather by two or more different persons. So different in tone and intellect could they appear. I sensed that - especially in the not to be named poster's final reply to my one (grammatical) comment (now removed).

  • "I sensed that - especially in the not to be named poster's final reply to my one (grammatical) comment (now removed)."

    @hank- Yes, I certainly noticed that also, especially in that reply that you mention. Whether a split personality or maybe he lets teenagers share I couldn't say. But definitely two different levels of intellect and composition. Maybe he has a ghost writer for his good stuff.

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