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Gundlach Makes Bearish Call On Stock Market As S&P 500, Nasdaq Hit Records


  • He's on his new twitter account calling the Bloomberg article fake news. Also tweeted Doubleline has a multi-billion $ equity fund crushing SPX and peers (maybe referring to DSENX?)
  • Oh, lordy. Another frickin tweeter. One more reason for me to avoid DoubleLine. Fortunately there are a lot of other options that don't come with an accompanying windbag. JMHO, of course.
  • @BobC Yes, lots of talk, but mediocre performance (with the exception of DSENX). Sort of reminds me of Bill Gross during his last few years at PIMCO.
  • @Bud let me make sure i got this right. Gundlach is saying he never told CBS Marketwatch about his bearish call, and they made it up?
  • VF- good question! If that's true then would that be fake news about fake news? Before is over this is going to be even worse than just plain facts vs "real facts" vs "alternative facts".
  • edited May 2017
    Bitzer said:

    Yes, lots of talk, but mediocre performance (with the exception of DSENX).

    ... and the D'Line CEFs, esp'ly DBL.
  • Well most of his funds are bond funds. If their performance is mediocre, and he is suddenly becoming an expert in stocks now, I don't know what to say. Except that I'm glad the only funds of his I own are DSENX and RNDLX.
  • edited May 2017
    Count me as one who pays attention to him. He recommended shorting Apple and the yen and going long the Japanese stock market at just the right time (I believe in 2012), and he recommended buying India late last year, which has done well.
  • I would agree Gundlach is not one of the most worrisome issues right now.
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