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Christine Benz Will Coach You To Improve Your Financial Life In 21 Days

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  • Mo: I went to your link. The 3/rd week looks interesting to me, but how do I get to the lesson(s) ?
  • edited September 2017
    Doubt many here need this advice. And can't imagine very many of those truly in need being able to complete the course. In some respects it seems to me like the simple made complicated. That said, we all learn in different ways.

    More: A lot of this feeds into the concept of "net worth." Once you grasp that concept, a lot of the other things, like paying down debt, become self-evident.
  • I've looked around but don't think that we even have any nets.
  • A net is one of the few things that actually seems to benefit from being full of holes (kinda like that course).
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    I just found one, but I doubt that it's worth very much.
  • @hank & MFO Members: "Doubt many here need this advice" You hit the nail on the head. I looked at the series of articles by Christine when they were posted on M*, and decided not to link and subject MFO Members to such elementary advice. Plus, most of this was covered in her 2011 book "Morningstar's 30-Minute Money Solutions: A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Your Finances", which you can buy through MFO's link to Amazon.
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    In fairness to @Maurice, I believe he served-up the article somewhat satirically. The give-away is his comment: "Each link provides details on what to do."

    It's all prudent advice (elementary as @Ted states). The irony is that those who truly need it aren't disciplined enough or knowledgeable enough to master it in just 21 easy steps (without additional support).
    (Like OJ, they're probably out in the garage right now looking around for a net.:))
  • "But the power of instruction is seldom of much efficacy, except in those happy dispositions where it is almost superfluous" Edward Gibbon
  • +1
    the way of all students
  • A few topics:
    --Strategies for withdrawing retirement funds.
    --How to build the emergency cash cushion.
    --How to find and evaluate a financial adviser.

    So, none of these looks like a topic discussed on MFO?

    Christine Benze has done an enormous amount of good for M* readers. I am unsure why her latest effort was imported to MFO discussion board. Only to scoff?
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • @Maurice
    An excellent link, period. And you "dissed" no one.
  • @Maurice, I think that is a solid intoduction class to those who are start to invest for their 401(k) and others. Afterward the students still need to further their learning by using a number of excellent books recommended on MFO. So, your posting is highly valuable to everyone here.
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