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Cataract Surgery On My Other Eye

@MFO Members: Having cataract surgery on my left eye this afternoon. I should be up and running tomorrow before I go to doctor's office for follow-up exam.


  • Good luck with your surgery, Ted. I know people who've had this done and it's usually very successful.
  • @Lewis: Thanks,
  • Good luck @Ted.

    Your homework:
    With your other "new and improved eye" check out the medical equipment being used.

    FSMEX thanks you for your business.
  • Best wishes, Ted. Call 'em as you see 'em (not that you haven't been doing that all along).
  • @Ted- best of luck!
  • Best of luck Ted, you'll be fine! :)
  • All the best Linkster!

    Don't worry about all the MFO members missing Art Cashin, I will post it today.
  • Seeing is a real pleasure. Best wishes.
  • one of the alltime great procedures, like hips

    so much light
  • Good luck Ted, we'll be looking forward to seeing you back soon and seeing great. All the best!
  • Hi @Ted,

    Wishing you the very best and a speedy recover.

  • You'll do fine, Ted. I had the procedure done a year ago. The valium was great! The nurse gave me a little extra.:)
  • @DaveSch- a little extra what?
  • Those little pills that calm you down for the procedure. The nurse thought that I was still excited and needed to mellow out some.
  • Oh, pills. For a minute there I though that you might have gotten lucky. :)
  • Good luck, Ted!
  • Best wishes for speedy return to mfo
  • edited November 2017
    3 cornea transplants and 2 cataract removals since ‘74. Great vision. Passed DL exam without glasses or other corrective lenses at 70. Specifically asked them not to sedate me so I could watch and listen the last time. (They applied a local anesthetic to the eye of course.)

    The ‘74 experience was the only one with much pain due to the primitive methods back than. Not the case anymore ...

    Best to you Ted.
  • Here's to a quick recovery and sharp vision ahead, Ted.
  • @MFO Members: Thanks for showing your care by responding to my surgery message !
  • Ted can see clearly now; cataracts are gone
    He can see all downturns in on their way
    Gone are the dark clouds that had him blind
    It's going to be a bright, bright, profit filled day.

    Take care of your healing period Ted.
  • @ Anna::):):)
  • edited November 2017
    Links Away!

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