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The Closing Bell: Tech Stocks Thumb Nose At Trump Trade War: S&P 500 Finishes Up

edited March 2018 in Fund Discussions
FYI: The stock market was spooked early Friday as steel and aluminum tariffs proposed by President Trump fueled more market uncertainty, but major stock indexes recovered nicely in afternoon trading, with tech stocks leading the way.






Bloomberg Evening Briefing:




WSJ: MarketS At A Glance:

SPDR's Sector Tracker:

SPDR's Bloomberg Sector Performance Pie Chart:

Current Futures: Mixed


  • I think some folks are trying to figure out what WOULDN'T be negatively impacted by a trade and bio's seem to be leading the pack.
  • Tech and bio's would be high cotton for POAGX, but + 3.93% for the day is something I've not seen before for this fund. I suppose it helps that your largest holding was up almost 22% for the day.

    As much as you can love a fund company, I just love Primecap.
  • beebee
    edited March 2018
    POAGX up 3.63% on the day as its largest holding NKTR jumps 21%. OGIYX , up 2.99% today, is the largest single holder of NKTR.
  • edited March 2018
    Another fund that did well today was ARTTX. It did not go up as high as POAGX or OGIYX, but it did go up 1.85%. Not too shabby. As of January 31, 3 of its top 5 holdings are in the defense sector (Harris Corp, Northrop Grumman, and L3 Technologies) and the other 2 are Salesforce and CME Group. Unsure if this accounted for it's good return as according to Morningstar the turnover percent has been 170 %. The manager could have been opportunistic in other areas. I have been impressed with this young fund so far.
  • beebee
    edited March 2018
    Thanks @Chinfist...though a new fund, ARTTX ranks #1 in M* Large Blend category (3month & YTD). I'll keep an eye on this one. At $32 M has some room to grow.

    Also, David featured ARTTX in July 2017 (scroll down a ways to read his article):

    Artisan Thematic Website:
  • beebee
    edited June 2018
    POAGX has had to struggle with its largest holding, NKTR, which has tank recently on news of poor drug product test results. Share price of NKTR fell from $90 to $52. POAGX has about a 11% weighting in NKTR.

    Any info on this stock would be appreciated.
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