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  • Goodmorning hank,

    I thought I drop you a line letting you know the reasons I face another portfolio rebalance after just completing one back in March. I had a huge cash draw from having to pay greater than anticipated federal and state income taxes for 2018. I had sizeable capital gains for 2018 plus I do not have any taxes withheld on mine and my wife's pension and ss checks. In addition, I gave my church a recent sizeable contribution towards a capital fund drive. When it was all said and done I am now face another needed portfolio rebalance. This is one of the reasons I went to the 20/40/40 portfolio back in the 4th quarter feeling I was going to need a good bit of cash. During my last rebalance I left myself equity heavy and with the upward movemet in equities plus the large cash draw coming from the portfolio has now left it needing another rebalance.

    On the board, I did a hypo on a 100k portfolio to show how the strong equity performance can effect one's allocation.
    April 18
    • hank
      Hi Ol’Skeet. Thanks for the note. Afraid I don’t check this area often enough. Enjoy your weekly analysis. Regards
  • MikeM
    Glad you enjoyed it Hank, though it must have been pretty cold out there. I prefer the Canadian side of the falls. On the Canadian side you get a constant spray in your face. You are really up close and personal with the falls. I find it mesmerizing staring into the water as it's going over. You have to hang onto the rail because it just draws you in. Did you get a chance to dine or have 'high tea' at the Prince of Wales Hotel?
    November 2018
  • davidrmoran
    seriously, why ever would you cite the bogus manipulations of the OJ trial?
    January 2018
    • hank
      HA - Just stumbled on this in August. Don’t very well recall making the OJ reference. But probably something re “If it doesn’t fit ...”.

      Well, I’d rather think of the episode as a media circus rather than a trial. And, yes, if I suggested there was any credence to the defense’s glove argument, than I was wrong. It was bogus.

      Totally unrelated, but remember how Greta Van Susteren made a name for herself with CNN’s “legal analysis” every evening as that circus continued? I thought her more liberal than. Then she shows up at Fox as a conservative hack for several years. Than she sues one of Fox’s producers for sexual abuse and moves on to CNBC as a liberal again!

      Go figure!
  • davidrmoran
    shoulda known (from your carefulness) that you too were a former English teacher
    January 2018
  • Old_Joe
    Hank- "mate 9 from Huawei" may actually be a pretty good description of one of Trump's future wives.

    (Didn't want to start another war by posting that one!) :)
    August 2017
  • davidrmoran
    November 2016
  • We have several tablets we rely on - IPads and Kindles. Meet most of our needs. But yeah - would love a new Mac.
    February 2016
  • johnN
    sounds like you may need a new notebook/computer lol... 5 yrs is little old
    February 2016