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  • johnN
    thankyou. we added more mathew asia and vwo recently. appreciate your inputs.
    maybe another crash looming in the horizon [US to loose lots energy jobs and covid 3rd 4th wave not well controlled]
    February 2021
  • johnN
    Thank you sir for the commentary. This is the most you've written in quite awhile.
    May 2020
  • Hi Pudd, As a member of MFO I want to thank you and Duke for hosting the Buy, Sell & Ponder thread. It nodoubt is a main draw to the site. Hopefully, someone will come forward to keep it going. If no member steps forward perhaps one of MFO's staff writers will. If not then it is toast. And, I'm sure readership will decline if it wains. Thanks again for stepping forward. It was indeed appreciated. Skeet
    May 2020
  • johnN
    Hi sir..great strategy..enjoy your thoughts
    I am 47 yo...just changed my 401k_ tsp to 90/10...never been this agressive before...probably will not change tsp unto 12 or 16 months before retirement

    Private portfolio vangard still heavily weight in bonds though ~30%

    God bless
    April 2020
  • johnN
    Hi sir...thx CV for the comments
    What are your thoughts about energy oil stocks etf going forward
    They appear do cheap and did not take large rebounds today
    March 2020
  • Hi Pud, I have now expanded my comment under your recent thread ... "FIDO said." You might wish to check it for better reading clarity concerning funds that kick off good income through their strategies as they are ... generally ... not capital appreciaton type funds.
    June 2019
  • Hi Puddnhead,

    Thanks for stopping by and making comment in the open thread ... "What are you buying, selling or Pondering? It is much appreciated.

    In order to better access your 401k portfolio how much (percent wise) do you hold in each or the above funds including cash? After knowing this I will do a brief study.


    January 2016