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  • @daniel34606 - I am sure this Darius Karpavicius has a number of businesses; If TBO Capital/HMC Trading worked for him, he will create more under different business names; This guy tried to remove his name from HMC trading LLC's members by filing a removal of member; It's on the NC's SOS website; LinkedIn shows several different men named Darius Karpavicius; One is a security tech analyst (young looking) and another one is older looking white hair, looks like a russian, CEO Lithuania and owns other business named Jonavos Grudai. I don't know how you found out about DK Auto LLC but keep looking.
    November 2022
  • I invested alot more than you, 13% of worth and I am so pissed! I should of sent the minimum since I never heard of TBO Capital before and too many scams going on but my greed got to me; I reported it SEC, FTC, FBI, NY State Attorney and police report locally, my bank and receiving bank; Trying to get an update on the Wire Recall or Investigation from B of A is a long wait on the phone; No one has called me back for interview or information yet. I reported 10/3/22;
    October 2022
    • daniel34606
      From my interview with the SEC I can tell they are motivated to investigate the case. They are in contact with other agencies but can't give away any information. I haven't had a chance to get with BoA yet.
  • Hi! I am not sure if this was the way to private message? Please let me know if you get this. My name is Teresa. Michael is my husband and he is also here with me and posts sometimes as well so you will get one of us. We basically lost our life savings to TBO so we are SUPER motivated to do what is needed.
    October 2022
    • daniel34606
      Hi Teresa, I have received your message. I'm Daniel from Florida. I think we need the authorities to do their job and investigate the case. Florida AG office recommended submitting a complaint with SEC, from what I have seen here, looks like they are the only agency doing something. This could be a case for class action or individual. If you lost a lot of money an individual lawsuit may make more sense.
  • Yes I agree for private group on FB great idea!

    I would even chip in for a lawyer or intelligence agency; but I think once they find the scammers location and real name, we might have to still get a lawyer to demand return of funds from scammer. It's not as easy as just writing or calling he/she demanding payment because they can run if they know they are found; They need to find him and put him in jail so he/she can't move around the world first then we get our monies back.
    October 2022
    • daniel34606
      I was thinking about the FB group, not sure most people want to share their personal life with this group out of privacy concerns. I was also worried the scammers can be monitoring this conversation and infiltrate in the private group. I agree lets see what the authorities can do and then get lawyer.