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  • johnN
    Hope you come back sir...kind regards.. hope family and you are safe
    February 2021
  • johnN Beautiful...least 330 electro votes..stay safe kind regards
    September 2020
  • johnN
    thx sir
    Stay safe
    August 2020
  • Hello again.
    We can easily communicate outside MFO. My email is [email protected]
    Just for your info, in the last a few years I use bond funds but for many years I held stock/allocation funds and I always like to do research.
    Examples: PRWCX is a long term highest favorite in the allocation category. VLAIX is better in the last year.
    CTFAX is a great one and does a lot of work for you by changing asset allocation.
    QQQ-my favorite stock index for years. I worked in IT for 37 years and high tech is where growth is always where it's going be and now they rule the world.

    Since I immigrated to the USA in my mid 30" my English is still far from being good. It's a tough language ;-)
    July 2020
  • Hi, it's rare to see someone like you with a real analysis that works. I have read over many years many articles, research and listen to many experts and it's pretty rare to find anyone with real insight. I prefer if these "experts" would come out and admit they don't know what the future holds but then who will use them. It would hilarious to talk to these experts and run a video of what they said months ago and how stupid they look now.
    It's about 20 years now that I use my system which is basically making a certain performance with lower SD. I was always concerned about short term volatility. When you lose less, it means you go back to even much quicker. I especially started to pay attention after 2008-9.
    What strikes me is the fact that many get angry when someone else was successful and then they post, we don't believe you and you must post every trade you are making. But it gets even worse when they never offer any analysis of their own :-
    July 2020
  • johnN
    Thank you for mentioning the oef..will take a look..hagd stay safe
    May 2020
  • I already run my thread about bond OEFs which is what interests most but as you know I know a lot about all funds because I like to research.
    But, over the years I find that many investors fall into 2 groups first, the indexers/buy and hold with limited funds second group, more diversified regardless.
    The above is missing on 1) too many funds which usually lead to too many trades and both cause performance to regress to the mean 2) not owning the best of greed
    My opinion is the middle ground is best for both, select only 5-7 funds using indexes and only unique funds with great results which are difficult to finds such as PRWCX, QQQ instead of SPY, AKRIX, PIMIX.

    So, I just post my opinions here and there when I think it may help someone. I just like to discuss funds and investment theories but many take it too personally :-)
    May 2020
  • johnN
    Thx sir friend .will look at ur extended list..lots eesearch next few wks

    Regards hagd stay safe

    May 2020
  • Coming off the 2200 low from the last part of March the trend is up at 2580!
    April 2020
  • johnN
    have these funds bookmarked
    February 2020
  • johnN
    I added your funds to my watch lists
    January 2020
  • johnN
    Hi sir

    I did reached out but no response from him..keep praying..he was indeed superman of fo

    Happy holidays
    December 2019
  • johnN
    Thx sir
    September 2019
  • johnN
    hi sir if you send me your email i will forward the email of the ETFs/div stocks that I got
    or sign up to marketbeat - google this and they send you emails about dividends every few months

    [email protected]

    mine email [email protected] regards
    August 2019
  • johnN
    prEx-Dividend Stocks for Thursday, August 1st
    Company Share Price Period Yield Amount Previous Amount Payout Ratio Announcement Date Ex-Dividend Date Payable Date Read More
    AllianceBernstein Natnl Muncpl Incm Fnd. (NYSE:AFB)
    $13.62 monthly 4.08 % $0.05 $0.05 7/22/19 8/1/19 8/16/19 Read More

    Apple Hospitality REIT (NYSE:APLE)
    $15.81 monthly 7.78 % $0.10 $0.10 69.8% 7/19/19 8/1/19 8/15/19 Read More

    Arconic (NYSE:ARNC)
    $25.28 quarterly 0.31 % $0.02 $0.02 5.9% 7/11/19 8/1/19 8/25/19 Read More

    Union Bankshares (NYSE:AUB)
    $38.58 quarterly 2.77 % $0.25 7/17/19 8/1/19 8/16/19 Read More

    Blueknight Energy Partners (NASDAQ:BKEP)
    $1.37 quarterly 12.12 % $0.04 $0.04 -55.2% 7/18/19 8/1/19 8/14/19 Read More

    Bank of Marin Bancorp (NASDAQ:BMRC)
    $44.45 quarterly 1.95 % $0.21 $0.19 32.6% 7/19/19 8/1/19 8/9/19 Read More

    Capitol Federal Financial (NASDAQ:CFFN)
    $13.77 quarterly 2.47 % $0.09 $0.09 7/17/19 8/1/19 8/16/19 Read More

    CMS Energy (NYSE:CMS)
    $58.87 quarterly 2.60 % $0.38 $0.38 65
    August 2019
  • Thanks Old_Skeet! I will take a look .
    I am still following along, trying to learn, while I look for the right fit for a professional advisor.

    April 2019
  • Ted
    Just received your Christmas Card, you have a nice looking family. Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Merry Christmas,
    December 2018
  • BenWP
    Thanks for selecting three interesting investment topics daily for the MFO board. I don't want to make a discussion topic out of my thoughts because it will inevitably unleash the foes of our indiscriminate poster and thereby spur him to seek out even more dreck to link. Showing how selecting and linking should be done, as you are, might serve as an object lesson and bring meaningful reform. Here's hoping! Best wishes, Ben
    August 2018
  • @Catch22,

    Good point.

    June 2017
  • Thanks. This site is full of old geezers like me (really only 65) that are bound to have health issues more than the younger members
    January 2017
  • Hello again.

    I just finished a call with Principal because I was unable to locate any information about PMDIX on its site. He searched as well and looked for other resources at Principal. Nada. Also, I searched the site for PMDAX but received a 404 error. So unless we both really missed something, there isn't any information of the site about this fund.

    I own PCBIX, which does have detailed information about it at Principal.

    I have followed PMDIX for a while but don't own it, and like you, have others in this "sleeve." PMDIX would fit in with what I own (and I've run all the numbers), but I already think I have enough diversification.


    November 2016
  • Junkster
    Cecil, A question I asked yesterday in an edited post - Do you compute your YTD returns on your various portfolio sleeves including or excluding how much you have in cash? Many thanks. That's an impressive return if you are including the 20%+ you hold in cash.
    April 2016