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July 1, 2015

Dear friends, We really hope you enjoy the extra start-of-summer profundity that we’ve larded (excuse the expression) into this issue. We took advantage of the extra time afforded by the June 30th leap second and the extra light generated that night by the once-in-two-millennia conjunction of Venus and Jupiter to squeeze in a family-sized portion […]


What does it mean to be in the storied tradition of FundAlarm? It means Mutual Fund Observer:

  • is a free, independent, non-commercial site.
  • is financially supported by folks who value its services.
  • will treat every reader with goodwill and respect, you’ve got a brain and our mission is to help you make good decisions – not to try to make them for you.
  • hosts a discussion board open to folks regardless of their experience.
  • expects every visitor to extend respect and support to the other members of the community.
  • hosts my monthly Commentary column, which is updated on the first of each month.
  • has recommendations from readers for investing and personal finance books you really should read (and can buy through Amazon!).
  • offers free, in-depth profiles of two to four funds each month. One fund will be an interesting fund with a short track record, the other will be a distinguished older fund that has received little attention and has under $100 million in assets (a “star in the shadows”).
  • offers a snapshot of upcoming no-load funds in registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission but not yet available for purchase.
  • provide a monthly list of equity and balanced fund manager changes.
  • hosts the FundAlarm archive of Commentaries and fund profiles.

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David Snowball

Publisher, Mutual Fund Observer

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