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Micromanaging PIMCO

edited February 2014 in Off-Topic
A look behind the curtain. Insights on why El-Erian left Pimco.


  • Bud
    edited February 2014
    Sorry, should be "Micromanaging Pimco." (And now it is! David)
  • edited February 2014
    Bud- this is the first time that I've seen the new site layout, but from reading some of the technical commentary I think that maybe on your original post there may be a "gear wheel" which will allow you to edit or correct errors. Haven't posted anything yet myself, so I'm not sure.


    Edit- yes, if I put my cursor over the text in this response a small gear wheel appears in the upper right-hand corner... clickingr on that brings up the "Edit" function.
  • Bud, thanks for that link to a good commentary regarding Pimco. It always baffled me why, when I listened to El-Erian, he came across as brilliant yet the funds at Pimco suffered at times. I wonder what may have come had he had his own firm with no outside meddling?
  • Pimco made big bets (large macro calls) and many did not fared well in 2013. I recalled this is not the first time Gross made bad choices. Even the most skillful managers had bad years. Pimco Total Return is simply too big to be flexible....
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