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Morningstar Medalist

edited March 2015 in Off-Topic
For those who subscribe Morningstar has out their listing of GOLD/5star rated funds...worth a look Only 42 Funds out of 8000 achieve this rating funds......some good ones listed here


  • Yuh, let's not.

    166 Gold funds, a number inflated by reporting institutional versions separate from retail ones.

    Well over 25% of those, 41 after eliminating dual reports, are from Vanguard.

    14 Fidelity funds of which a total of one (1! uno) is an actively-managed equity fund (FSCRX) and it's closed to new investors.

    18 T. Rowe funds, of which 12 are their target-date series.

    31 index funds.

    Of the 50-some actively-managed equity funds (I got tired of fishing out dual reports), three are under a billion in assets: Artisan International Small Cap (closed), Diamond Hilll Small-Mid Cap and Manning & Napier Equity. 19 are over $10 billion. 24 are closed to new investors.

    Few smaller firms crack the list with even one fund: Artisan, Brown Capital Management, Causeway, Diamond Hill, FMI, Wasatch.

  • I'm with David. Things have gotten to the point @ M* where I would much sooner go with MFO criteria for rating funds on what matters-- usefulness, purposeful, benchmarking, and like that... until there's a change, I'm not going to spend another moment of my life sifting through the jumbled morass of their potpourri.
  • Couldn't have said it better. But I still use it. Heck! I just qualified for the freebie Premium service through TRP!
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