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Ok, You got me!

Am I the last one here to find out? I can't believe nobody here let it slip, and I had to find out "on the street". Yes I am talking about "David Snowball", that avuncular Professor at Augustana College.

Well, at least Augustana College is real. It's when I tried to reach Prof. Snowball there that I found out the truth.

From the article "David Snowball"....

Professor David Snowball, ostensibly the man behind, is a fictional character created by a group of investment professionals who are alumni of Augustana College, his putative college of residence. Viewing the Observer site as a small maverick enterprise, the name was cobbled together from "David", the shepherd king who slew the mighty giant Goliath -- and "Snowball", referring to the effect of compound interest on mutual fund investments held over a number of years.

So is most everyone here already aware of this? I should have been suspicious when I saw the last name "Snowball". Duh.


  • @dry flower: Boy ! Are you easy to fool ! Actually Marla Brill made up the name when David was the gatekeeper for the Brill website.
  • Nice try! :)
  • April Fools!

  • "Planted with cabbages, I walked down the garden path."
  • Fortunately, we congregate on a site where few participants were born anywhere close to yesterday. But you gave it the good college try, DF. Perhaps you'll have for us next week a more convincing Jesus sighting report.
  • I knew it the first time I read the monthly newsletter.
  • You say Ted's not real? I knew it; I knew it; I knew it!!!!!!! I just knew it.
  • @Anna: Do your realize we know where your relatives live !
  • Ted, yea but do you know which direction and how far the Ted blind in the bayou is as the crow flies gars chomp?
  • edited April 2015

    Ted's real (but resides on another planet where links travel faster than a speeding bullet).

    I'm not sure about that other guy:)
  • edited April 2015
    Found out. Curses! And we would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids.
  • I told you some of this stuff was un-real!
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