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2015 Capital gains distribution estimates



  • Vanguard data updated. No change to the link, but the final estimates, including dividends, are now posted.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • msf
    edited December 2015
    I always assume that the final distributions will be higher than the estimates. The management firm usually don't know the fund's earnings for the entire fiscal year when it makes the estimates, and it don't know until the record date how many shares those earnings are divided among.

    For capital gains, mutual funds are required to use a fiscal year ending Oct 31st, so I wish fund companies would issue estimates in mid-to-late November. That way, they wouldn't be guessing on the total cap gains to distribute (they'd just be guessing on the number of shares). Still the exact amount of dividend income isn't known until the fund's "real" fiscal year ends.

  • Fiduciary Management, Inc. » FMI Mutual Funds » FMI Large Cap Fund (FMIHX) » FMIHX Distribution Summary
    FMIHX Distribution Summary
    Ex-Dividend Date

    Reinvestment Price


    Short-Term Capital Gain

    Long-Term Capital Gain
    12/18/15 18.23 0.20835660 0.16523 1.67694
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