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How does a thread move out of a bullpen?

edited August 2017 in Technical Questions
Pardon me for not having read the technical manual (if there is one), but I'm wondering why an OT Bullpen thread I commented on today hasn't "magically" sprung back to life. Perhaps that lack of movement is a commentary on my post:-)

In any case, FWIW, here's the thread - I added a note/link that full enactment of the DOL/fiduciary rule just got delayed, again.


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  • edited August 2017
    I complained about the same shortly after the bullpen was initiated. The reply from atop was that it was a singular occurrence and the situation would be remedied. Brings to mind: If we can put a man on the moon ...

    While we're at it ... Is there a routine record of threads which would reveal those which were started and than renamed to pertain to a different subject at a later time? Inquiring minds would like to know whether any threads are being so altered hours or days after posting.

    @msf: I think it was @Ol'Joe who wrote the technical manual and that he accepts full responsibility for anything that goes wrong here.:)
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  • I deny everything. I wasn't there when it happened and I have no idea even what happened, if in fact anything did happen. I don't speak Russian and have no idea how my name became involved in this fake witch hunt. I was only talking about adopting orphans. My attorneys will be making a complete statement on this sometime in the immediate future, and all further questions should be addressed to them. And no, you can't see my damned tax returns.
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    @OJ - Better not leave town this weekend. The FEDs are about to come knocking.
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