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Unable to sign in with Firefox

edited April 2011 in Technical Questions
Computer: Mac G5
OS: 10.4.11
Browser: Firefox 3.6.15

Unable to sign in with Firefox. In desperation tried Safari for this post, and it seems to be working fine so far. Trying to use Firefox, I wind up with the following "dead-end" message: "Captcha: Invalid code from image". Using Safari, I now have a positive indication that I have successfully signed in: the fourth word-group in the black line, above, now shows my screen name. Using Firefox, the third word-group always says "Sign In".

Hope this feedback is helpful, and that you will eventually get around to figuring out the Firefox issue. Thanks-

Old Joe


  • I had no problem loging in using FF. Sometimes, you need another word to login as letters are not clear. You can request another one at that screen.
  • Hi Investor, welcome to the new site, and thanks for trying to help. When I used the Safari browser, I didn't even need to put a number in. And, there is the issue of the sign-in recognition itself. With FF, the "Sign-In" note never changes; with Safari, it changes to show Old_Joe, as it should. Over on FA I see that JR is having similar problems, and I am trying to help her as best that I can.

    Talk to you later, and thanks again. OJ
  • hi you use the latest firefox, this is what I have and no problems so far...
    I had problems w/ youtube last week but all the bugs are out after downloading the lastest firefox as well as java from sunmicrosystem
    I am not a computer genius nor want to be but these may help:)....

  • Hi John- I can't use a later FF version than 3.6.15 due to issues specific to my MAC. (If anyone wants more detail, let me know.)

    Thanks- OJ
  • Firefox works fine for me. I am using 4.0 on this machine and the previous version on my other machine which also works fine.
  • Hi, Old_Joe!

    So far I've used Firefox and Chrome, without any issues. I've forwarded your note to Brad. Keep a good thought!

  • OJ, the issue I posted on FA was due to the security filters at work. I had no issues signing from home. Appreciate your kind thoughts. Best, former JR.
  • Howdy JR,

    Nice to know you were able to travel to this new home; and that you are now "fundalarm".

  • lol. wanted to keep the name alive. additionally, this site requires at least 3 digits/letters.
  • Very nice to see "fundalarm" /JR.

    OK, here's the deal with FF: I had it set to reject all cookies, and it would not accept my sign-on. Now set to "always ask", and seems to work OK, so far.
  • edited November 2011
  • In case anyone else stumbles upon this thread with a similar problem, cookies are definitely required, and are not dangerous. See this post:
  • Hey Brad- I have no doubt that YOUR cookies are not dangerous... it's some others that I worry about.

    No prob- thanks for the confirmation.

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