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The Dukester Walks.......

On the ridges of high
do we walk, the Dukester and I.
The snow is deep and the wind raw....
these are things that the few have saw.
The wolves do follow but do not close......
the spring is coming, and '20 is close.
Things will change for the one with the most.
From China to a wall are things we will hear most.
While my father was in Korea ....... some reservoir or so,.......
uncles in the one before that you know.
What worries me most is to be as Britain, Spain, Rome and Egypt......
Are we at the end? Is another coming?

I have worked for a large company and it takes a long time to die.
It's poor management and debt that cause its extinction.
The few got rich, but the many could not swim.
These are sounds and things I've seen.
Walk softly now....into the spring.

God bless
the Pudd


  • Hi @Puddnhead ... A toast: This longneck is for you!

    Take care and don't forget the pet Duke.

  • Hi Puddnhead

    Clue me in on where you worked and Possibly the state You Live in


  • Howdy Puddnhead,

    thanks for the great read. take care. this too shall pass.

    and so it goes,


  • Hi Skeeter,
    Hope all is well with you and yours. The Dukester is pampered as mother sees to that. This post grew dark with the long necks numbers.

    Thank you for your post. What worries me most is when our greatness passes. Our enemies are many in number, I fear.

    I saved you for last. Sorry, but be of good cheer, bro. In PA, I live outside of Amish country. Think horse and carriages, one room schools, no electric, and horse power on farms. This is daily what I see. As to where I worked, I will say only this: I wish to leave old dogs and memories lie---think FIAT.....not cars. 'Nuff said.
    God bless
    the Pudd

    p.s. Some things I've sold: FSELX, TWEIX. A new position I've taken. FHKCX: it's new and small. China will open on Monday after a week of holiday.....will see what happens. The thing I like about FIDO is you can buy small today and sell tomorrow. How things have changed!
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