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WSJ Quarterly Mutual Fund Listing

WSJ has had an online Mutual Fund Listing of all MF's by family, with their returns, at the end of every quarter - until now. Even if the new report was not out, the website would display the previous quarter. Now I get a completely different page when I enter the old url: Anyone have a suggestion?


  • Would the newsstand possible have it ?
  • It used to be printed, then about 5 years ago they announced that it no longer would be, but that it could be accessed online (until now).
  • After December 31, there was a message that it would be no longer available. There would be a modified version available to online subscribers, but not to the general masses.
  • Thanks for your update. Any idea where that same general info (quartiles, etc) can be viewed, preferable all in one place?
  • I have a toolbar tab for the WSJ Category Kings; the data have not been updated since February 5, so they may no longer be available.
  • "There would be a modified version available to online subscribers"

    Maybe so, but this WSJ subscriber can't find any version, "modified" or not. They seem to have "modified" it right out of existence.
  • Same here. I just remembered, that as a TR Price investor, I'm entitled to "Enhanced Personal Services", one of which is a complimentary subscription to access the WSJ Online version (a $468/year value!!!). Yet I can't find a Quarterly Mutual Fund Report either. It's a shame because it was very informative.
  • I am not able to find what I saw earlier. That explains why no one can find it anymore.
  • @TheShadow- Thank you, sir. You are a considerable asset to MFO.

    Regards- OJ
  • TedTed
    edited April 2019
  • Not remotely similar to what @bilvihur was looking for.
  • Not remotely similar to what @bilvihur was looking for.
    No it's not. Sad because the review was very useful for picking keepers and sellers.
  • I've been searching for the last month for any site that might have mutual fund return comparisons even remotely comparable to the WSJ Quarterly Report - without success. For a while I thought Barron's might take it over, but I guess not. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • edited May 2019
    Could someone tell me which issue of WSJ the quarterly report appeared ?

    1/4/19 was the last online WSJ Quarterly Mutual Fund Report. It now has the Barron's heading, but hasn't been updated since then.
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