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"It can be very expensive to try to convince the markets you are right."

Ed Seykota, system trading pioneer


  • Yup.
  • His 'Whiplash Song' is legendary and spot-on for investors/traders of all ages and experiences ... just as he is. (Find it on YouTube)
  • @MFO Members: Here's Ed !
  • pretty good --- if only things worked like this, god
  • edited June 12
    Old_Skeet is a card carrying member of Ed's Trading Tribe (TT).

    There is a lot of investor and trader wisdom conveyed through the song. Ed's influence was one of the driving forces that lead me to develop Old_Skeet's market barometer; and, although he had no direct input in its development the wisdom conveyed from his writtings and the song did. In addition, some of the market inputs that my late father followed are also incorporated and used in my market barometer.

    Ed's Trading Tribe ... The Essentials ... are as follows: Ride Your Winners ... Cut Your Losses ... Manage Your Risk ... Use Stops ... Stick to the System ... and, File the News.

    Want more information on the tribe? Then Google, "Trading Tribe."

    Thank you Ed.

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