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Boost Your Retirement Income With Tricks The Pros Use

Boost Your Retirement Income With Tricks The Pros Use

Finding retirement income is still a challenge. Interest rates remain low. But you can borrow a key trick financial advisors use to solve this puzzle.

For every $100,000 you invest in this group of funds, you could have created. Bond Fund (PEBIX) for a 4.5% yield plus gains from the bond prices."


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    My own portf. gives me good growth AND income. We'd all like to see higher income. I have bonds in my PRWCX (and soon, VLAAX) but my 3 dedicated bond funds yield an average of 3.726% among them. PTIAX, RPSIX, PRSNX. RPSIX also serves up a small capital gain at the end of the year. I suppose that's included in the yield statistic. Eventually, I might add PTIMX. (Munis.) And I don't worry that my risk is too great.
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    A fund that I own that is good at manufacturing income is AZNAX. Morningstar list it's TTM yield at 1.87%; but, the fact is that it pays 7 cents per share per month for a distribution yield (including capital gains) of 7.34% based upon current nav and has its SEC yield listed at 3.08%. This might be something to look at for income seekers. I hold this fund in my hybrid income sleeve and I have owned it for a good number of years. Years back, I remember, Scott touted this fund when he was posting; but, I can't find a link to his post about it.

    To view fund distributions ... From M*'s quote sheet click on the performance tab when the performance sheet loads then click on the distribution tab where the fund distributions made can be viewed.

    My best to you.

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    Hey, @Old_Skeet. Damn good distributions. I can't do that front-load, though. Thanks for the suggestion. If I could get in without the load, I'd do it! The monthly pay-outs in PTIAX are comparable. But the share price is more than double of AZNAX. That is juicy, for sure.
  • @Crash
    If you had that Fidelity account, this would be your option for AZNAX.
  • Crash - do note that most of that monthly distribution consists of short term capital gains plus a smidgeon of interest income.
  • Thanks, @Mark. But I won't be buying-in, anyhow.
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