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A look ahead for the overnight potentials in the markets......

'Course, this doesn't matter at the moment; only for any of your actions on Monday before 4 pm.

Global futures indices real time


Have a pleasant remainder.


  • Dows Maybe -2.46% opening , will be bumpy ride today
  • edited February 24
    Looks like futures were a little conservative last night !!
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    Obviously, there are massive gyrations in the markets this morning.

    Currently, at 5 minutes past the market open; there is no access to the Fidelity site for log-in.
    I'm sure this circumstance is common to other vendor sites, too.
    My presumption, is that enough retail investors are at least checking portfolios; overwhelming the servers and/or the networks ability to connect.

    This site page is an interesting overview, near real time, of global ETF's for all of the major market sectors.
  • Selling on the way down I bet. Good thinking.;)
  • To your point @catch22, the Schwab site was very slow after the market opened also. Lots of nervous investors maybe?
  • Futures look a whole lot better this evening !
  • Dows +0.24%...maybe upswing few hundreds points today at end ..
  • @catch22: Did you pull the trigger or sitting pat. I plan on holding tight
  • Hi @Derf
    I'll say laughingly that we sold all of our technology at near the high point, for the day, on Monday morning. We've held this position for a number of years and so have taken the money and "ran".
    However, we still have healthcare and med. tech. for equity. As there is not mercy today for equity, even these got whacked today.

    We're at:
    --- 45% bonds
    --- 27% cash
    --- 28% equity

    We would like the portfolio to be otherwise, but such is the nature of the business.
    Read my add at the COVID thread for other thoughts.

    Take care,

  • roughly 80s% stocks, 20s% fixed income + little cash...
    added VDE today
  • Note to self before pillow time (Thursday, Feb. 27)

    The two links a few posts above indicate a rough start for Friday. Perhaps something will change overnight........NAH ! ; I don't think the big kids want to go into the weekend holding more equity than they currently have.

    A tiny look back for the week so far:
    ---big equity whack, eh? And with all flavors; growth, value, all cap sizes.
    ---Gold pretty much asleep for the week.
    ---$U.S. lost some power

    Biggest surprise for me is a very muted U.S. Treasury bond area. Yes, one will have a positive return for the week from these, the exception being HY and some corp. funds.
    I really expected a very large move in upward pricing, except corp/HY.

    I guess the money from sales has moved to cash; 'cause I can't figure out where else it has traveled.
    If you know, please tell us here.

    Our remaining healthcare equity is slightly less beaten, but not much. Perhaps should have dumped the whole load.

    Oh, well; been a long time since sitting on cash.

    I'm outta juice for this day.
    Good evening,
  • S&P 500 is down 12% from the pear as of Feb 12, 2020. That is less than 2 weeks ago.
  • edited March 6
    I'm placing these links again and now, for those who are curious about the open sessions in Asia, and indicated markets for Europe and the U.S.

    Global futures indices real time


    Have a pleasant remainder.

  • Thanks for the commodities futures catch. I see lean hogs and live cattle are getting slaughtered:)
  • That's so poor that it sounds like one of mine. Nice going! :)
  • edited March 1
    @MikeM and @Old_Joe

    Okay you two. If you look again (Finviz) and soon; you'll find what happened when the hogs and cattle quit eating the cocoa/mulched pulp blend feed additive. Market correlation, eh?

    Humor is good for the soul........especially now.
  • @catch22, very timely and great allocation. You should do well if this correction continues. We rebalanced several weeks ago as the market peaked. Will sit tight until the smoke clear. Don't know if you subscribe to WSJ. Here is a piece from Jason Zweig.
  • Big U.S. equity upward hop today, March 3, 2020, eh?

    So, is/are the markets/central banks/big money doing the first song of "Musical Chairs" today? Or is this a so called dead cat bounce? Or a quasi reversion to/of/for the mean?

    Is most equity fairly priced for a Monday, Mar. 2 close; with more up for, how long?

    Perhaps some equity markets are fairly priced for what appears to be many bumps, curves and all sorts of disruptions in the investing roads ahead.

    Maybe just the machines playing online games among themselves.

    I'm not convinced the equity markets will end this week at a higher level than where it started.

    Good Evening,
  • >> I'm not convinced the equity markets will end this week at a higher level than where it started.

    so ... are you playing futures? why not?
  • @davidrmoran
    so ... are you playing futures? why not?
    Technically our portfolio is always playing the "future"; but not with or using "futures". We have all the risk we desire with the "normal" market.
  • I'm placing these links again and now (11:23 pm, EST), for those who are curious about the open sessions in Asia, and indicated markets for Europe and the U.S.

    Major disruptions continue.

    Global futures indices real time


    Have a pleasant remainder.

  • Thanks for the links. Few bright spots, otherwise all reds!

  • Futures opening down 3-4-5% based on variety of factors, from COVID-19 to the failed OPEC talks. Crude futures are down 30%, the largest one day drop since the 1991 Gulf War.

    Monday trading will probably be a global bloodbath.
  • edited March 8

    The Guardian is currently reporting that:
    The Australian share market is now down 6.5% on what is proving to be one of the most disastrous days for the ASX200 in recent history. The mounting concerns about a global recession caused by the virus have been compounded by the shock decision by Saudi Arabia to start an oil price war, sparking a 20% fall in the cost of benchmark Brent crude. Stocks in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong are also deep in the red.
    The above news item was excerpted from a current Guardian news report.

  • (link)

    E-mini futures on the S&P 500 Index sank 5% to 2,819 as of 8:05 p.m. in New York. After briefly rallying, they slipped back to the limit-down level and held there about two hours later. The curb means the contract can’t trade at a lower price for the remainder of the overnight session, although transactions at or above the threshold are allowed.

    Speaking to how things could get worse when Wall Street opens, Japanese equity benchmarks slid more than 6%, and futures on the U.K. FTSE 100 fell more than 7%.
  • Howdy folks,

    Futures are Limit Down, so WTF knows. Fill up your gas tank.


  • Yikes, circuit breaker tripped. Buy the dip pshaw...
    PRULX will go to the moon today. Wonder if the FED will speak? This and Covid are going to give the President fits.
  • edited March 9
    Buy when there’s blood in the streets?

    Let’s see ...

    PRNEX (nat. resources) should be off about 25% (YTD) by day’s end.

    PRFDX (income producing companies) will likely be off near 20% (YTD) by day’s end.

    Bloody enough?

    How do you like the idea of tying up your $$ for the next 10 years in a CD or govt. bond for a “guaranteed” 0 - 0.5%? Fund companies may need to close or begin subsidizing their prime money market funds, as current rates probably won’t support operating costs.
  • You read my mind...or looked at earlier posts last week Hank. Those are just the funds I have been watching.

  • Morgan Housel noted that stocks bottomed today in 2009. Just a bit of historical trivia to kick off this morning's bloodbath.
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