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8 ways to survive marrket Downturn

edited March 10 in Off-Topic

8 ways to survive marrket Downturn

Being DCA, diversed , sell shorts. have a plans...what other Advice one might give/have


  • Howdy folks,

    This might be a dupe postie.

    Years ago I read a quote from the Elder Baron Rothschild that to survive an economic crisis, you need to have 1/3 of your Wealth in securities, 1/3 in real estate and 1/3 in rare art. Now you can substitute other things in the place of the latter, but it ain't Beanie Babies.

    Most of us will find that we've got 80-90% in securities.

    and so it goes,


  • "securities" means stocks AND bonds?
  • Securities means stocks, bonds, cash, insurance policies, etc. Paper as compared with real estate and rare art.

  • Oh, and I'm NOT talking about portfolios. I'm talking about ALL of your wealth.

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