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Delay 2020 elections?

edited March 17 in Off-Topic


  • Nope. I say move the big day up to 10 days from now if not sooner. Since most folks are staying at open we can all vote online. It'll give everyone something to do. The sooner we replace the orange menace and everyone associated with him the better. We all could use a jump on restoring sanity and decency to this country.
  • Nonsense! Like Mark said - let's move the voting day up. 30 days from today would be perfect.

    There is little risk of coronavirus exposure when voting in the open. Don't touch your face and wash you hands thoroughly afterward. Skip the crowded places.
  • edited March 17
    Lots dead folks will be voting nov6th 2020

    I use work at nursing home as healthaid, lots old folks' spouse would use paper ballots mail in even their spouse have severe cognitive issues and on deathbeds...some even mail in ballot after their spouses already moved on from this world..
  • Howdy folks,

    We have elections this year or I will be taking up arms.

    Most sincerely,

    S/Sgt rono
  • PFC Anna, ready for duty.
  • oh, great, armed response and voter fraud claims
  • The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November is federal law since 1842 and consequently cannot be changed without an act of Congress. The democrats will not go along.

    Although McConnell has a call out to older Republican federal judges to retire now so the Republicans can fill the vacancies. Maybe he is getting worried.
  • How are the Democrats going to hold a convention to determine the candidate?
  • edited March 17
    Maybe we dont need to..uncle Joe is probably declared as next POTUS (today) least ups in polls in swing states points and mongst independents (and many strong GOP's states like texas and Arizona)

    We probably dont even need to go vote this election
  • oh, great, armed response and voter fraud claims

    No armed revolt against a usurping traitor.

    There's a difference.

  • rono +1.
  • edited March 18
    Count me in!

    (But I'm sure that you guys already knew that.)
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