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The Economy is headed where? ... Tuesday in San Francisco

edited March 17 in Off-Topic
The Bay Bridge-

North Beach-


The Financial District-

All pictures courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle


  • edited March 17
    Hey, OJ

    I'm noticing pretty much the same thing in the northern part of Michigan's lower peninsula. (If viewing a map, that's the top half of the mitten-shaped part.) Not as empty as those SF shots, but few folks moving. Grocery stores that have anything left to sell have a few shoppers - much fewer than 3 or 4 days ago.

    Nuff said, Regards
  • remarkable pictures, in more ways than one.
  • I didn't leave my heart there. But I sure had fun there back in the day.
  • edited March 17
    Thx sir Old_joe for sharing...surreal pix

    Very surprised stocks went up today after looking at these pix

    Calmness before storm?

    Shanghai traffic recently

    Appears picking up quite a bit

    Hope sf oak traffic will be back ~ 4 -6 wks/near normalcy/recovery like Shanghai

  • @Old_Joe You certainly are at one of the epicenters of the shelter in place movement. I remember commuting across the Bay Bridge on a daily basis 50 years ago. It was always busy even back then.....
  • Totally unreal! San Francisco was always busy when we visited.
  • @Sven- yes, for sure. I feel like I've stepped through the mirror into a "the-world-is-ending" science fiction movie.
  • edited March 17
    Old_Joe said:

    I feel like I've stepped through the mirror into a "the-world-is-ending" science fiction movie.

    I think more and more of us are feeling / beginning to feel that way.

    “Give us this day our daily bread ...” - Who in hell ever seriously thought we’d be concerned about whether or not we’ll be able to obtain the basic necessities of life at some future point?

    Forgot to thank you for the fantastic photos OJ - particularity that bridge.

  • Old_Joe said:

    @Sven- yes, for sure. I feel like I've stepped through the mirror into a "the-world-is-ending" science fiction movie.

    Worse than the quake in 1989?

  • edited March 18
    I was the San Francisco radio technician assigned to 911 and police dispatch in 1989. Quite an evening. I still have the "We did fine in '89" 911 t-shirt, and a couple of plaques from the police chief and the mayor. Yes, the city is actually much quieter now than during that memorable event.
  • Hey Dan,

    Is it worse than the earthquake in '06?


    Take care of yourself,

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