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Hospitals across U.S. consider universal do-not-resuscitate orders for coronavirus patients

edited March 26 in Off-Topic

/Hospitals across U.S. consider universal do-not-resuscitate orders for coronavirus patients

Hospitals on the front lines of the pandemic are engaged in a heated private debate over a calculation few have encountered in their lifetimes - how to weigh the “save at all costs” approach to resuscitating a dying patient against the real danger of exposing doctors and nurses to the contagion of coronavirus./

Fascinating read regarding limited healthcare approaches to help dying patients and how safety/lack of medical supplies and high risks of transmissions rates may allow healthcare team to implement newer guidelines regarding critical treatments of covid19 patients. I think these guidelines are already happening in other high risks/high mortality rate countries like Italy Spain. Medical ethics are also a large questions how to deal with these critical patients; whole healthcare team may end up infected if proper precautions are not taken


  • Remember those "death panels" we would get if we had national "socialized" government-run medicine? America's privately-run healthcare system is getting there all by itself.
  • Good article John. That's more like it!
  • Howdy folks,

    We're going to see in a brutal and heartbreaking way just how nonexistent our public health care system is. It's time for universal healthcare for all Americans.

    And I don't want to hear the Socialism pleat from the healthcare for profit scum.

    Universal healthcare and education are requisite to a viable capitalistic economy because they provide competition. Handicapping a percentage of your population with inadequate healthcare or education is a rigged game. This isn't capitalism at all but a form of neo-feudalistic economic slavery.

    It took the South Koreans 12 years to convert from private to public. We should be able to beat that mark.

    And so it goes

    Peace and Flatten the Curve

  • truth.
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