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something is kinda funky with the MFO website

It will not keep me signed-in, after I tell it to do so. ...


  • I hope it didn’t pick any bad habits from the M* website.
  • I've had to sign in monthly ever since MFO instituted a sign in policy despite checking the 'Keep me signed' in box. I thought we all had to.
  • Yes, it resets every month.
  • ...But not twice in a day?
  • edited April 2021
  • @Crash, if you delete cookies, accidentally or not, you'll be signed out.
  • Yup, but I never did that. :)

  • We've made no changes under the hood. I'll ask Chip if anything occurs to her as a possible explanation, other than "the internet is weird."
  • It calls for login much more frequently than other websites, clicking Keep me signed in or not. Nothing to do w clearing cookies. Weird and a little annoying, but if you have saved your login and password, not a biggy.
  • edited November 2021
    I'll often sign in and stay logged on for many hours each day.
    I'm not prompted to sign in again during this time.
    I sign out at the end of the day and then sign in again the next day.
  • it seems to happen at random. but it's no big deal. it was one day, quite a while ago, now.:)
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