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Wealthtrack - Weekly Investment Show



  • edited October 2022
    The market carnage is far from done. So there will be better entry points down the road. I am surprise that analog semiconductors are still in tight supply today. The inventory should has been built up since many fabs were closed during the pandemic. These chips are widely used in cars, appliances, and electronic devices.

    I also listened at Bob Arnott’s interview, who is really the opposite to that of Giruox. It is good to listen to different perspectives.
  • beebee
    edited October 2022
    10/22 Episode:

    Clements will give us his perspective on the much-changed financial climate we find ourselves in and offer portfolio and financial planning adjustments for rising interest rates and inflation.

  • Clements says he has over-rebalanced stocks so that he now has 80% of investments in stocks. The other 20% is in short term bonds - which he considers a cash-like bucket - money he will spend in the next 5 years.
  • Clements knows what he's doing. But I heard not much that was new.
  • edited October 2022
    My opinion is that 80% stock allocation for someone who is nearly retired seems a bit too aggressive. Holding TIPs this year is mixed as @devesh pointed out in his recent commentary. Not sure Clements’s strategy fits well in current environment. Target dated funds are good example where they are down 17% or more even when they have 20/80 allocation.
  • ...down 17% or more even when they have 20/80 allocation.

    ...Yes, both stocks and bonds are down TOGETHER. Clements insists on owning a global index fund. I just cannot be so very passive. And besides, foreign stuff won't translate as much profit in dollars these days, since the greenback is flying so high. I'm just 9% foreign, now, myself.

    I'm heavy on stocks. Bought early in the year before things went south. sticking with them on the ride back upward, when it happens. The last few days ARE, I fearlessly predict--- a head-fake. AGAIN.

  • beebee
    edited October 2022
    October 28th show
    We have a new guest on WEALTHTRACK with a long and distinguished track record of investing in high-quality, dividend-paying stocks. She is Clare Hart, who Morningstar calls “one of the industry’s most impressive managers.”

    Hart has been the Lead Portfolio Manager of two highly-rated funds since 2004.

    Hart will discuss the benefits of focusing on quality and dividends, particularly in a difficult market environment.

  • interesting show this week. C. Hart certainly communicates savvy and confidence.
  • It is good to have new managers on this show.

    Since 2004, Clare Hart has been the lead manager for several JPMorgan mutual funds, Equity Income (A share, OEIIX) and US Value (A share, VGRIX). Quick review on their performance records indicate they are very respectable. YTD, OIEIX and VGRIX are -3.81% and -3.63%, respectively; and they lead VG value index, -4.1%.

    Well articulated interview:
    1. She knows her companies inside
    2. Companies must pay at least 2.2% dividend at the time of investment
    2. She invests in “quality” companies who focus on return on investment than just the profit margins
    3. Health care company selection is well thought out than those growth-oriented fund managers

    A new development from JP Morgan is that they are launching new actively managed ETFs. Clare Hart is managing JPMorgan Active Value ETF (JAVA), an active equity ETF managed by Clare Hart, Scott Blasdell, David Silberman and Andrew Brandon. Not sure if JAVA is a clone to the OEFs, but its performance tracks them closely.
  • That ETF info is great to have. Thanks a lot. I dunno if it's a clone, exactly, of the OEFs, but I see some of the same names she mentioned on the show with C. Mack.
  • Sven, in the same space, I am going with VEIPX. YTD it is down 2.42%, and while close, it has superior 1- and 3-year returns, a lower beta, a lower SD, and higher Sharp Ratio. The ER on OIEIX is .96 and .28 on VEIPX.

    That said, Matthew Hand at Wellington Management has been managing the fund for only about a year. BTW, OIEIX is only available to existing shareholders.
  • Legally, only Vanguard ETFs can be classes (twins) of Vanguard OEFs. Others may use similar names and may point to manager overlaps to have cousins/clones. VG patent is expiring soon, so others may follow, or not bother.

    Strange that JPMorgan doesn't show JAVA on its active ETF page, but can be found on the JPM website.
    JPM Active ETFs
    JAVA at JPM
  • edited October 2022
    @Mona, you have good points. Stay with VEIPX since OIEIX is closed to new investors. Only VGRIX is open. On closer examination, VEIPX is now co-managed between Wellington and VG quant group. Think @msf brought this to our attention a year. Not exactly understanding Vanguard’s reasoning, but something you should be watching for.

    @yogibb, through research of Clare Hart, I found JAVA which is interesting since there are fewer actively managed ETFs than the passively managed ones. I don’t know how much overlap between JAVA and their OEFs, and if they would track each other going forward.
  • Nov. 4, 2022.
  • I don't care for his pontificating style. Very off-putting. I was glad to get past that. I hope he's wrong, anyhow. Charles Ellis coming up next week.
  • Nov 12th Episode
    As the markets fluctuate around us, how much should investors change?

    This week’s guest has his own historical perspective on that question because he has lived through a momentous evolution in the markets. He is Charles Ellis, whose storied career started on Wall Street in 1963 after graduating from the Harvard Business School. He was a skeptical analyst during the go-go years of the 60s and founded Greenwich Associates, the top Wall Street consulting firm to major investment firms, institutions, and governments.

    He was an influential board member of Yale’s endowment advising its legendary head, David Swensen. He’s taught advanced investment courses at both Yale and Harvard. And he has authored 20 investment books, including the classic, Winning the Loser’s Game, now in its 8th edition, and the recently published Figuring It Out: Sixty Years of Answering Investors’ Most Important Questions, which we will discuss in this week’s exclusive TV interview.

    In the first of a two-part interview, Ellis will discuss the most significant changes that have occurred in the markets and what they mean for investors.

  • Charles Ellis is a font of investment wisdom.
    I plan to read his new book - "Figuring It Out: Sixty Years of Answering Investors' Most Important Questions."
  • Kessler: Nov. 18, '22.
  • "Own dollars, get rid of debt." That's how he concluded this week.
  • beebee
    edited November 2022
    Nov 25th
    This week’s guest has long been an avowed enemy of inflation and an outspoken critic of the Fed’s inflation-boosting policies. How is he feeling now? Grant will discuss the Fed’s about-face on inflation, the battle it faces to bring it under control, the implications for financial markets, and two investment ideas for this new investment era.

    and listen to:

  • That's a Grant replay from Sept. 16, or so it says on the WealthTrack page. WT could be a bit more transparent about repeats.
  • I listened to Collins on the WT website. Dunno why, but "YouTube nocookie unexpectedly closed the connection." So, the link shut itself off, which bee added, above.
  • beebee
    edited December 2022
    Dec 3rd
    Repeat of old shows. Another feature of Wealthtrack is Webextra. Some of these short investment points may be of interest.
    Linked here:
  • bee said:

    Dec 3rd
    Repeat of old shows…

    I'm guessing that you just forgot to add the link, @bee.
  • Crash said:
    Click the episode title on and look below the video image.
    You'll see: WEALTHTRACK Episode #1913 broadcast on September 23, 2022.
  • edited December 2022
    OK, got it.:)
  • 09 december, 2022. ed hyman.
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