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Home delivery of Physical Copy of Barrons

for the last 3 or 4 Saturdays, my physical copy of Barron's had not been delivered to my house. Dow Jones can't tell me why , and I assumed it was because no one on our dead end road was getting newspapers anymore, so they couldn't find a carrier.

This morning I noticed our library hasn't received a physical copy since 12/18 either.

Anybody else still get Barrons delivered at home? I do like to cut and tear out good articles


  • I do. It did come on Sunday instead of Saturday on the Christmas/New Year holidays, but it was delivered.
  • I get home delivery on Saturday mornings around 6 AM. DJ/Barron's has a printing plant in the Chicago area.
  • Oh so that explains the subscription offer I received today at $4/mo for a year.
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