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yes, and i was just about to throw $$$ at LEV

edited August 2022 in Other Investing
LEV. The Lion Electric Co. HQ in Montreal. New locations Stateside in Joliet and Sacramento. Completely vertically integrated, making parts for EV busses, trucks, big vans. Not cars. They don't have to depend on anyone else re: actual production, manufacture. They are growing, for sure! But investors get diluted, and SOONER rather than later.

VERITAS initiates analyst coverage with a SELL rating!

the company went public and floated shares at just the wrong time.


  • I'm looking at a speculative play in this same area...not a vehicle manufacturer, but on the charging side. ChargePoint (CHPT), with an earnings call after today's close. I use the term "earnings" loosely, but will be interested in the comments.
  • @PRESSmUP, CHPT is on my watch list and would appreciate what you learn from the earnings call. Thanks.
  • +1. PLUG has been mentioned to me in here.
  • edited August 2022
  • bought a bunch of FRT today (son-in-law just took a big job there)
  • BaluBalu said:

    @PRESSmUP, CHPT is on my watch list and would appreciate what you learn from the earnings call. Thanks.

    Well, the market apparently likes what they heard. They are certainly expanding their footprint and making great strides in several different verticals. Of course, they still aren't profitable, but with expected revenues of $500M and 96% year over year increases, I suppose it will come. I bought Tuesday, the day prior to earnings, and I'm up >10% so there's that. With all these EV's coming on line, it's a race to see who deserves a leadership role here. It's speculative, for sure.
  • Thanks. I suspect which EV maker wins may not matter to CHPT’s success. Congratulations.
  • CHPT Schwab rating as of 8/26 ""F"" !
  • Derf said:

    CHPT Schwab rating as of 8/26 ""F"" !

    Right, it's highly speculative and not for the squeamish.

  • Crash said:

    +1. PLUG has been mentioned to me in here.

    With all the geopolitical turmoil surrounding lithium sourcing, hydrogen fuel cell technologies are pretty interesting here.
  • edited August 2022
    I surely agree that hydrogen is going to play a major role in future energy developments, but it does seem to me that hydrogen is more of an energy storage rather than an energy generating technology. In that way it looks like an alternative to battery storage technology.

    I say this because it takes energy to generate hydrogen- either from natural gas as a raw material, or from the electrolysis of water, which requires significant electrical energy input.

    This is in no way meant as a criticism- merely as a clarification, to distinguish it from primary energy sources such as wind or solar generation. Indeed, hydrogen should eventually become a much needed storage medium for the electrical energy generated by those sources.
  • Thanks for the tip, @Old_Joe.
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