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End of year tax losses

Howdy folks,

It's that time again. Study your taxable portfolio (best if part of your annual rebalancing) and determine if there are tax losses you can capture. You need to remember the Wash sale rule in that you cannot repurchase the same security within a 30 day period or you lose the loss. I sold VZ for the loss (we've owned it long time because of the 6+% yield. I'll buy it back in February.

Also, of noting. My canaries in the silver mine are singing. The last few days it's gone nuts. Don't have any idea what it means or not. Normally, this market is extremely manipulated (i.e. at times there is more short interest than silver. ) That's why it's nigh impossible to play actively. What you hope for is a sustained trend that is easy to play and ride.

Stay warm and happy holidays,



  • Also keep in mind annual charitable contributions & gifts to family & friends.
  • edited December 2022

    Also keep in mind annual charitable contributions & gifts to family & friends.

    +1. Consider also (if you haven't yet) a Qualified Charitable Distribution from an IRA, which reduces the amount taxable from an RMD. It's a good deal for those of us whose income level and deductions favor taking the fed standard deduction rather than itemizing charitables and other deductions on a Schedule A.
  • Thanks for that, @AndyJ.
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