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Just uncovered: AXAHY. AXA insurance. Paris HQ

edited December 2022 in Other Investing
8.34 P/E. Other key stats look not bad. Not much of a discount anymore, but insurance companies are like casinos. They manage never to lose. Except for the Trumpster in Atlantic City. Sorry, couldn't resist. This one is now on my short-list. We are nearing the end of the year, when my stuff will pay-off in the T-IRA. I've been overweight in PRWCX. More than one-third of my overall total, including brokerage account holdings. The estimated pay-out this month looks darn good--- considering it's been a very smelly year. I'll take some of those proceeds and redeploy.


  • 5 year chart

    Strictly from a technical view over 5 years, this product appears to be near fully priced at this time. A RSI of 30 and below is a technical level that may be considered near or at 'oversold'; while a RSI of 70 and greater may be considered as at or near 'overbought'. AXA is at 65.16 RSI, which may be considered near the top of its technical price range at this time; that there may not be much more upward movement remaining.
    Of course, other market circumstances or special circumstances for this company must be taken into consideration; that may nullify technical criteria.
  • edited December 2022
    thanks, @catch22!!! That's a great catch. I'll keep it on my list, but wait. Maybe some others find this one interesting....? What's the number 14 in parentheses for?
  • 14 is the number of trading periods(days) that the math formula is based upon to obtain the RSI. There are other periods, and too many other technical tools for me to begin to use or understand. I've settled with the RSI 14, for my own use; among whatever else I think I should consider about an investment.
  • Most sites have RSI default as 14 but it can be adjusted. In daily view, it is 14 days, in weekly view 14 weeks, in monthly view 14 months. Strength or weakness in 14 periods can only tell so much.

    There is also a different RSI that is company or fund vs SP500.
  • +1. I am thankful to have learned about a new metric for evaluating prospects! ;)
  • Be careful of French securities. Big withholding and fees on top of it.
  • @Mitchelg. I appreciate that heads-up! Thank you!
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