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How to get rid of comment, that I didn't post ?

I've tried to hi-lite & hit delete at least 3 times . No luck

Happy New Year, Derf


  • edited December 2022
  • Hi @Derf
    Go to the comment you made and want to delete. You'll see the black, circular gear icon at the top right, as the software knows you wrote the comment. Hovering at this icon, you should see the word 'edit' pop up. Click the icon. Now you will be at the original text where you can highlight and delete the original text. Lastly, place a 'period' in place of the original text and click 'save comment'.

    You can use this same function to add to text, remove some text and/or revise as needed; as I did above with the first reply.
    One doesn't need to place a second comment to a thread 3 minutes later, if you want to modify your words.
    You're finished.
  • You can only edit the posts you posted, not other MFO posters.

    Go the upper right hand corner of your post and click on the “wheel” icon. It says “edit” and from there everything in that post can be edit as you wish. You can post comment again.
  • edited December 2022
    If I understand @Derf correctly, he didn’t post the comment …. but yet it’s under his name … ?
    Also, sounds like he’s tried to “edit” it already. Gremlins? Or another “Derf”?

    But (per @Catch22 and @Sven) it is a relatively easy matter to edit one’s post and delete all the words or change them. But, as I understand it, only a moderator can entirely delete a post . Some folks just type “DELETE” in place of the earlier wording.
  • Hank is correct. If there is a second Derf, only the administrator can determined if these two “Derf” share the same emails.
  • Select the 'Flag' to the right of 'time'. This will open a message window. Type your comment and send. David receives the message and reviews what was written. I've used this several times many years ago, when there was a time period of several trolls who had created an account and writing nasty stuff.
    Derf will have to clarify the circumstance he is trying to correct.
  • So, Derf, from the State of 'W'. What's up with the solutions we've listed???
  • Thanks to ALL for their suggestions. With that said I could have stated the problem with a little better wording.
    I took my comment, that I forgot to post & sent it to "save draft" where I was able to relieve myself of the post I forgot to post .
    Happy New Years to ALL, Derf
  • Derf, one of these days I'm gonna reach through this screen and wring your neck.:)
    Have a great New Year, and please continue to keep us all guessing.

  • @Derf - Have you been drinking? :)
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