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Just curious about the 'futures' color changes for the remainder of the weekend, into Monday

edited February 5 in Fund Discussions
I'm just curious to view the changes over the remainder of Sunday evening, into the Monday open.

FINVIZ futures, at midnight Saturday. This will change, but as of midnight; a lot of RED rectangles. Your viewing time Sunday evening may have a different mix.


  • Shooting down the balloon will surely have a negative effect.
  • edited February 5
    Interesting. The numbers on gold & silver appear incorrect. Gold finished at $1865.19 and silver at $22.36 Friday according to Bloomberg. But the linked chart is showing their current values a bit higher than Friday’s close while at the same time being “down” sharply. Doesn't add up at first glance. The % change for Dow & NASDAQ shown are significant, but not unusually large in the context of the recent heightened market volatility.

    Related: Some excellent analysis of the extreme options trading going on in the markets by Forsyth in the current Barron’s. He and some quoted sources believe this “gambling” (his word) by large and small investors alike is causing wild gyrations / very high volatility in the markets. I’m not trying to make the case here. A facet of investing I know little about. But am suggesting the article might be a useful read.
  • edited February 5
    There is no trading over the weekend and what you are seeing are the closing futures prices Friday afternoon. This will all change when futures reopen at 6:00 PM est on Sunday.
  • I read recently that 60 to 80% of the volume on most exchanges is algos or computerized trading programs that key off of words or phrases in news wires etc
  • @Junkster, yes; into the weekend is literal, meaning after 6pm today. My writing style should have been much clearer.
    @sma3 The 1's and 0's are likely finding their pathways inside the mainframes as we write. Perhaps there are advanced systems we do not know about; as with the movie, 'TRON'. Traders inside the 'machines',:)
  • Thx sir Jogibearbull
    Was referring australia index but linked very interesting find
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