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Dow today, from CNBC
"Dow rises over 100 points..."
But it HAD been up by over 300 points.
Computerized selling into all rallies. Been that way since a decade ago, or longer.


  • edited March 14
    The Dow was up +426 points around 11:00 this morning. Dipped down to nearly even at mid-day and then came back to finish +336, or just over 1%. I realize 1 day’s performance is meaningless and that the S&P (which gained 1.68% today) is a better gage of U.S. large cap performance, but still find the Dow of interest. Suspect it received the bulk of the attention when I was much younger. I get the feeling just watching that the markets are poised to break out on the high side. But - that could be just wishful thinking.

    Other observations: I started watching TFC purely out of curiosity after noticing its 17% drop yesterday. It was up 8% at one point this morning but still managed to finish the day in the red. I don’t know if that was representative of the banks today or not.

    Added: From the linked CNBC site: “The SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF (KRE)
    closed the session up 2%, regaining some ground following a 12% decline the day prior.

  • "Regional Banks." Yes. That designation covers a lot of territory. Some of those banks have a pretty big asset base, some not.

    CAC down today. Camden Nat'l, ME.
    ZION up bigly. Zions
    CFG up bigly, too. Citizens
    KEY up a lot. KeyBank
    WAL up more than 14%. Western Alliance. Holy.........!
    BHB up 2%. Bar Harbor.

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