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Here's a statement of the obvious: The opinions expressed here are those of the participants, not those of the Mutual Fund Observer. We cannot vouch for the accuracy or appropriateness of any of it, though we do encourage civility and good humor.

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quick reminder: please don't be a troll

Hi, guys!

July 3rd is reported to be the hottest day ever, worldwide. Please be careful outside. It might be an opportune moment to drop a note to an elected official asking the simple question, "what are you doing to help?" Even at the local level a simple building code change to encourage "green" roofs can make a lot of difference in reducing the urban heat island and supporting wildlife.

One of the local big box churches, the folks who convert abandoned 40,000 square foot retail spaces into worship spaces (which is a fine example of upcycling), systematically encouraged members to evangelize by joining other churches, participating actively in public while in private explaining to their new friends that there's actually a much better church just across town. In consequence, the size of the religious community did not grow but a series of traditional churches were weakened by the scavengers.

That's the "trolling" of the title. It's disrespectful, devious and destructive. Please don't do that.



  • You might want to monitor other types of "trolling" on other MFO threads. There are several examples of this on other threads, where there are some very inflammatory use of derogatory statements and name calling. Those threads quickly deteriorate and lose the ability to have meaningful discussion of the thread topic.
  • Professor Snowball can't really monitor all the threads, so just shoot him an email with the questionable thread linked and ask for it to be deleted.
  • There is a "flag" option on each post. Not exactly sure what that does, but worth a try. I agree with @dtconroe. I can choose not to listen to 1 poster, but the bullying from the other should be stopped. He has done it to me and others.
  • So we've come to this: let's allow a couple of self-important brats to shut down entire threads by tolerating their ill-tempered juvenile behavior, which they have imported to MFO from other financial sites that banned them.

    How about dealing with the source of the problem instead of allowing them to determine what the rest of us are confronted with?
  • edited July 2023
    Re @David_Snowball ‘s “Please don’t be a troll “ - I am aware from time to time of a few posters supplying links to other discussion boards. Aside from thinking that a bit “cheap” or trite and non-productive from the standpoint of this board’s well being, I have never, and don’t intend to, visit or participate on any other investment discussion boards.

    I’ve gone a step further since this thread went up and decided to no longer name the two subscription-based financial websites sites I visit for market analysis & information. Neither is a discussion board in the normal sense. One does allow readers to email questions to the host who usually responds on his board. Out of an abundance of caution I will no longer refer to either by name.

    Folks have expanded, I think, the original intent of this thread to address a current ongoing issue involving personalities. I get it. There used to be (probably still is) a mission statement from David in which the bottom line states that members shall interact among one another “with good cheer.” ISTM adherence to that goal would do a lot to sooth ruffled feathers among members. I will add here, I think MFO is big enough to tolerate a few braggarts. I don’t think it should ever tolerate meanness.
  • TBH, things mostly seem to go swimmingly. I sort of assume most people have 28% compounded annual rates of return and nod appreciatively. And I certainly have no reservations about sharing external resources. There have been some reports of active recruitment away from the board, and that behavior strikes me as regrettable. Other than that, cheerful, passionate, detailed and ongoing disagreement seems healthy.


    David, soon to be Scottish David
  • edited July 2023
    The quasi-bot Catch notes that: "TBH" is an informal abbreviation for "to be honest," Fortunately, I/we are able to stay tuned to the modern dialect via the texting world with our daughter and related age group. Never to late to learn, eh?:)
    Remain curious,
  • edited July 2023
    Thanks for the comment @David_Snowball. Onward & upward / All here shalt strive to be of good cheer.:)
  • "Do no harm" strikes me as a useful goal for posting. Merely being annoying, while regrettable, doesn't rise to that level. Being constantly argumentative seems to me to be close to the edge. Such things as: being insulting, deliberately misleading, sidetracking discussions, shilling/spamming, would be examples of things you SHOULDN'T do. Just exercise a little common sense.
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