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YTD - how is your portfolio doing

Schwab -.72 % Vanguard - .29 % Guess I don't own enough TECH.
The smile on my face has left !


  • My wife's retirement, my retirement and our non retirement accounts are all down about the same 0.5%

    No NVDA
  • A stock/bond only portfolio with a .1% return YTD. No MF's.Tech is strong but I have some real losers. MPW , MBLY and SQM.
  • edited January 23

    My long-long-term portfolio is -0.14.
    My long-term portfolio is + 1.15 (mostly income-generating stocks)
    403(b) is +1.17 (all in RWMGX, so using that YTD since TIAA's not updated YTD data yet!?)
    Roth IRA balance is +4% in an American Funds G&I portfolio

    Not complaining - I am planning for muted returns this year anyway, but the income on DRIP everywhere is quite nice.

    Still mostly equity-based, btw.
  • Thanks for your replies. @Art I have a few very bad MF's.
  • All my stuff combined at the moment is down -0.27% since Jan. 1, '24. (I'm accounting for the January PARTIAL chunk taken from the IRA. I've not taken the full shot yet.)
  • @Art- very nice to see you back here again!
  • I visit daily, just buy stocks and a few MF's for bonds. Not much to say when I don't use MF's anymore. I look and learn, maybe get a nugget or two.
  • Very much same here. We ain't ever too old to learn. :)
  • edited January 24
    @Derf - I ‘ll go with Ernie Harwell who used to say …

    ”It ain’t over til the fat lady sings.”

    I’ll note gold appears to be rising from the dead this morning. It’s been camatose at around $2,000 for week upon week. Miners have fared worse than the metal. So, even a 1.75% spike in GDX (miners index) premarket and a $10 jump price in the metal to above $2030 this morning,is encouraging.

    My portfolio doesn’t have a ton of gold, but there’s enough exposure thru PRPFX and 1 CEF that it often exerts an outsized daily influence.

    Good luck there!

    Edit - I spoke too soon. Gold & miners turned negative shortly after market opened.
  • Just 0.6% using only 2 bond OEFs. In about a week I will get the distributions and will be over 1%. I look at my portfolio as only one pile of money, no buckets, no ST+LT, and I know how I'm doing every day after 6-7 PM. Both Fidelity and Schwab can do it.
  • edited January 24
    FD1000 said:

    I know how I'm doing every day after 6-7 PM.

    SOP - First dinner … then a stiff drink … then take a peek …

  • @hank. LOL! Love it! Ain't that the truth
  • My IRA is off .24 YTD. If it was all in one or two funds I might be concerned. But enough funds are doing well so that I wouldn't feel awful taking an RMD if I had to.
  • Total is +1.09%..thanks to a position in FNMA.
  • hank said:

    FD1000 said:

    I know how I'm doing every day after 6-7 PM.

    SOP - First dinner … then a stiff drink … then take a peek …

    First, take a peak around 6-6.30.
    Second, a 20 minutes nap,
    Third, preparing and eating dinner with the wife at 8-8.30.
    Then TV and others.
    1 PM go to sleep and wake up at 7-8 AM....always busy.:-)

  • Up YTD 2.15%. Tech and industrial funds leading while my healthcare, energy and utilities stocks dragging results down.
  • edited February 3
    02 Feb. '24: YTD down -0.84%
    Best performer: ET Energy Transfer (oil/gas midstream.)
    Laggards: BHB (regional bank) and TS (oil country tubular goods.)

    Blame it on Punxsutawney Phil. I saw no news from him today.

  • Vanguard turned positive .19 % . Schwab is doing better, but still down -.39 % . All as of 2/2 .
    Warming up here, Derf
  • edited February 3
    as of Feb 3rd:
    VG says: 2.87%
    Quicken says: 2.97% (Amzn and of all things VZ have been on a run so far this year.)
    VZ was best performer until Amzn caught up to it yesterday.
    With bank interest which isn't included in Quicken or VG etc... probably 3%
  • Art
    edited February 3
    I have had NVDA since 8/22. Sold 1/3 of it in 4/23 since it was over my 3% max for individual stock. We are over that limit again. What to do? YTD +2.5%.
  • Up 0.6% YTD

    Best positions Uranium ( who would figure!) MRK AMZN ORCL and Buffet!

    No NVDA. Sold my daughter's META in late December after a 200% gain. Guess that was a bad move!
  • YTD: +0.34%
  • edited February 3
    OK, so 30-days means squat but my taxable is -0.06% but all my bill payments come out of there, and my Roth is +2.9%. The Roth is slanted heavily toward income producers (read bond funds) along with FXAIX(SPY), FTEC, GOOGL and sundry others.

    I'm only playing because you asked so nice.
  • edited February 3
    Among my funds only:
    PRWCX leads.
    BRUFX fell to the bottom of the pile in '23, but is positive now, in early '24, by just a fraction.

    But junk bond fund TUHYX is doing even better than BRUFX.
    Of course, just after I got into FALN, it fell.

    Fund Managers have got my money positioned this way, in aggregate now:
    Cash 7
    US stocks 48
    Foreign stocks 5
    Bonds 37
    "other" 3

    (Strange: The FALN divs. are noted at the 1st of the month as per Morglestar, but brokerage TRP shows that they will be credited on the 7th of the month. Games....)

    Looks like the particular problem I noted with performance numbers appearing "stuck" at a specific number for some select stocks I own has been remedied, over at Moozlestar.
  • @Crash -according to my Fidelity quote for FALN:

    FALN announced distribution of $0.1223 on 02/01/2024
    Announce date 02/01/2024
    Record date 02/02/2024
    Pay date 02/07/2024

    So no games.
  • Mark said:

    @Crash -according to my Fidelity quote for FALN:

    FALN announced distribution of $0.1223 on 02/01/2024
    Announce date 02/01/2024
    Record date 02/02/2024
    Pay date 02/07/2024

    So no games.

    I believe you. :)

    I never got the memo, though. Communication. Lack of communication. Last week, I had a couple of separate, stinky-poopy conversations with the lovely, wonderful folks at TRP. Their "customer service" is no better than T-Mobile, for example--- which, in my case, could not hit water if they fell out of a fucking boat. Which is why I'm with Consumer Cellular, now.
  • Total nut is grown 0.3%.

    FMSDX up a half percent, while all else --- BSV, CCOR (what a goddamn dog), BND, VGIT, STIP --- is barely flat or down over a percent, ffs.

    JQUA, which I do not have nearly enough of, up 4.7%.

    SP500 up 4%, of course.
  • Thanks all for your replies. If I remember I'll post again at the end of Feb. for a check-up.
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