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Behavioral Economics Pioneer Daniel Kahneman Dies

edited March 31 in Other Investing
"Daniel Kahneman, an Israeli American psychologist and best-selling author whose Nobel Prize-winning research upended economics — as well as fields ranging from sports to public health — by demonstrating the extent to which people abandon logic and leap to conclusions, died March 27. He was 90."

"Dr. Kahneman’s research was best known for debunking the notion of 'homo economicus,' the 'economic man' who since the epoch of Adam Smith was considered a rational being who acts out of self-interest. Instead, Dr. Kahneman found, people rely on intellectual shortcuts that often lead to wrongheaded decisions that go against their own best interest."


  • M* JR has a great piece on Kahneman (& Tversky, his mathematical collaborator who died young at 59 in 1996). After the Nobel in 2002, Kahneman said that it was really joint for him AND Tversky, but unfortunately, Nobel isn't awarded posthumously.
  • Kahneman is correct. I've done it to myself, I admit. These days I try to be more patient, more judicious, with lower expectations. I am fond of saying that "Mr. Market" always overreacts, both to good news and bad. Because what is the Market, if not PEOPLE who are incapable of getting it just right, even sometimes.
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