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Vanguard Website

edited May 3 in Fund Discussions
For the last few days I have been able to log on the VG website as usual, but it will not permit me view certain areas of my accounts.
I get the message: "DATA UNAVAILABLE. Our system is temporally unable to display some of your account information." etc, etc.

Have any of you been experiencing this problem? I have called VG each day to no avail. The agents don't seem to know if this is effecting everyone or only some. They suggest clearing the computer history. That did not work.


  • Yesterday I was logged in looking at portfolio holding prices day-by-day for the past month. When I got to one date, I got that message. But it was transient. I moved on to the next day, and then went back to the day that had a problem. Everything was fine on that second look.
  • edited May 3
    msf: It happens to me when I try to open to our accounts or click portfolio. Thanks for your reply. Perhaps it will correct itself by tomorrow. It has been 3 days as of today.
  • Everything is working for me (just checked)..
  • Thanks habsui.
  • I logged in last night and was able to view my two Vanguard accounts and download April statements.
  • I wasn’t able to view the “Activity” link for 2-days, but it cleared today.
  • Not certain that this is relevant, but each website server is configured to work with a fair number of different browsers and different versions ("upgrades") of those browsers.

    It's possible that Vanguard made some software changes which worked OK on initial testing, but then had to be changed slightly to accommodate all those different browser versions out there. Sounds kind of like that from all of your different experiences.
  • With out going into detail -- I have experinced many problems with the new Vanguard website and am considering going eleseware -- mabye Fidelity
  • Vanguard worked ok for me yest PM.

    I am about to move my two remaining accounts to Fidelity, but I don't have to log into V to do that
  • Well, I logged in to VG this morning and everything was back to normal. Thanks everyone for your replies.

    In this mornings mail I received VGs amended Brokerage Account Agreement.
    $25 commission for telephone trades.
    $100 fee for account closure or transfer of account to another firm.
    Plus several other changes and charges.
    All effective June 1.
    I'll have to study it more later.

    I have been with VG for years. I wonder if other firms charge such fees?
  • All are effective July 1, except for the IRA MLP filings. See thread:

    Many firms charge closeout and/or transfer fees. Some charge fees for partial ACAT transfers, some only charge for full transfers.

    For example Fidelity charges no fees. Merrill charges for full transfers and for closing out IRAs (but not a double fee), while it doesn't charge for partial transfers. Similarly, Schwab charges for a full transfer of assets, but not for partial transfers. Robinhood charges $100 for a full or partial transfer out. (Perhaps that's their idea of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor?)
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    re: transfer fees
    I call BS -- it's mostly done by sending some computer 1's and 0's between firms. The transfer out fee many companies charge is just the FU for leaving us fee. Let us pick your pocket as you leave. If I ever decide to do that again I might try and get the incoming company to pick up the fee for the new business. ADD: The last time I did a transfer I transferred everything but $5 before closing it. They never billed me the closure fee.
  • They can not bill you for the IRA. If you are fully invested in your IRA, how does the outgoing company charge their fees: liquidate pro-rata each of the investments?
  • It appears that if you are a Flagship customer (1M+) you will be exempt from the $25 Broker-assisted commision.
  • If you are assessed a closure or transfer fee its worth asking the new institution if they reimburse the fee. I have had this experience and worry about transferring fees a little less.
  • I just moved our last two accounts from Vanguard

    We have had accounts there in one form or another since 1983

    They really had to work hard to force us out!
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    Wow, you were with Vanguard for a very long time!
    Hopefully, the new captain will right the ship (I have my doubts).
  • sma3 said:

    I just moved our last two accounts from Vanguard

    We have had accounts there in one form or another since 1983

    They really had to work hard to force us out!

    Wow. If you don't mind saying, where did you go and why did you choose the new firm?
  • @hondo

    Wife 401k was at Fido and most of non retirement money at Schwab and Vanguard

    I dislike using one brokerage for redundancy purposes

    Schwab customer service has always been better than Fido although there is the irritating issue of no sweep account.

    As Vanguard has deteriorated over the years I gradually moved our accounts out. Mine to Schwab and most of wife's to Fido.

    If Schwab had a sweep account MMF I might dump Fido altogether but probably not. I think two different brokerages is worth the inconvenience
  • Ya, the "Schwab game." Let's see if they'll forget to move that stash into the MMKT. Eh, what? @MikeM.
  • Getting just a bit tiresome, yes?
  • Robin Hood is paying 1% bonus for asset transfers of any size.
  • edited May 30
    Robinhood has a more attractive offering. Fidelity pays $1,000 per $1 million transfer. Payout will takes place 30 days afterward. I called ahead and to have an agent assigned to the transfer. Several accounts transferred took 5 business days. Make sure to submit the latest account statement online.

    Edit: this Fidelity bonus was also mentioned in Boglehead forum.
  • 1% times $1,000,000 = $10,000 are you kidding me ?! How long must one keep the cash at Robinhood ?
  • Two years, must be an ACATS transfer, and the offer is only for taxable accounts.
  • @Sven, why were they discussing transfers to Fidelity on Boglehead forum. As in, what was the context? I thought Boglehead is like a church, you do not talk about other religions there!
  • There was a long tread on that site. I will find the tread later today.

    Even though they have been long time investors, apparently they are not happy with the new fee schedule and the July 1st deadline. A number of them are moving out to other brokerages. One poster disclosed his dealing with Fidelity, so I called to verify. I have observed over time, they’re not happy with Vanguard’s phone support for quite awhile.
  • @Sven, Thanks.

    That is plenty. No need to find that thread for me. I think VG will straighten by shrinking or decelerating the increase in AUM or increasing fees and devoting more resources / $1 AUM to create a better platform. When that Boglehead thread starts praising VG virtues again (i.e., change in sentiment of that thread), please post here so we know it is safer to deal with VG.

    P.S.: If everything else is good at VG, that fees schedule would not have dented my affection for them. I would think it is the same for Bogleheads. Fees schedule is just a tipping point.

  • Schwab is running a promotion for transferring assets from Fidelity. If you are transferring from VG, then you might need a two step process, with a stop at Fidelity!
  • I just clicked on link to Robinood above and my anti virus warned me about a data breach at Robinhod. Anybody affected?
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