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The best scotch for every tax bracket

edited January 2019 in Off-Topic
Tax time. Thought this might fit in. Other suggestions welcome.
(Annoying video has a delete link.)


  • Thanks for the tips! Even blue-collar types could splurge now and then. I was just on here raving about a Lagavulin special 200 year anniv. product aged for 8 years at $75 where I bought it. Not new: the 200th anniv. was in 2016. Great tasting, though.
  • I’m more of a bourbon guy, but can heartily recommend Evan Williams for those in the lower tax brackets.
  • Best value, according to a NY Times Tasting Report, is Teacher's Highland Cream Blended, $24/litre. I don't use myself, but I buy for my spouse.
  • Timely post hank seeing as how it looks like we're heading deep into the deep freeze for the next few days. A good way to pass the time in the igloo.
  • Previously a staunch Macallan 12 devotee, I've been drinking more Irish whiskies recently, mostly due to a trip to Great Britain. Here in the states you can find Redbreast, Yellow Spot and Midleton, ranging from about $50 up to $150. All are very good for their respective prices.

    Life is too short to drink bad Scotch...or whiskey in this case.
  • What best ways to prepare these drinks.. Any special mixed drinks you folks recommend?!
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    johnN said:

    What best ways to prepare these drinks.. Any special mixed drinks you folks recommend?!

    @JohnN - IMO it would be a cardinal sin to alter the flavor of fine scotch by adding anything else. Just a “splash” water and maybe a bit of ice.

    Not true for some of the other suggested drinks. But as for good scotch (or even bad scotch), I would never mix it.
  • Once in a while at a restaurant I'll order a Scotch Old-Fashioned. Last time the waitress asked if I wanted a "premium" Scotch. I advised her that if one ruins Scotch by adding all that other crap you might as well use the cheapest that you've got. She evidently also likes Scotch, as she laughed and totally agreed.

    PRESSmUp mentioned Redbreast Irish whisky... a friend has given me several bottles of that for various occasions, and it is indeed quite decent.

  • Whether it's scotch or bourbon, always use the cheap stuff in mixers -- always. To do otherwise is considered first-degree alcohol abuse.

    If you use water to cut your scotch (which a lot of ppl, new and old, do) it only takes a few drops. Anything more dilutes it bigtime.

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    And yet cheap doesn't mean bad. For Manhattans, I use Famous Grouse...a good blended Scotch, available for around $25.
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  • edited January 2019
    PRESSmUP said:

    And yet cheap doesn't mean bad. For Manhattans, I use Famous Grouse...a good blended Scotch, available for around $25.

    Agree - Famous Grouse is pretty decent. Better than most in that price range. In a pinch I can enjoy Cutty or J&B. Don’t find either offensive. J&B is #1 In Europe. In the U.S. the best seller is Dewars White Label. For the life of me I can’t understand why so many like White Label. I’m a light drinker - with meals only. At low consumption levels price doesn’t make a big difference.
  • @rforno- Yes, I agree on the dilution aspect. Just letting an ice cube melt a little is plenty of dilution.
  • I love this thread!
    My Mom and Dad always drank Evan Williams bourbon for "the social hour". He bought it by the case. He passed away just three years ago, at age 98. I recently finished off the last bottle from his cupboard.
    But Dad also loved a good scotch. For birthday or Christmas, I'd give him a nice bottle of single malt or single barrel bourbon. We'd save that for nightcaps, on the rocks, with a football game on mute as we talked into the night.

    This has whet my appetite -- I'll have a wee bit tonight and salute Mom and Dad.

    Does the Vice Fund include some good companies who profit from our preferences?

  • My taste for scotch goes has far as butter !
  • My best wishes for those of you in the winter storm deep freeze; it's only going a little below freezing here in Southeast Georgia.
    I'm sipping Glenlivet 15 to warm my innards.
  • Dress in layers dstone. Currently -28 here in central MN aka Hoth.

  • @Mark: Beware of Wampas, and be sure to feed your Tauntaun.

    It's 27F here in DC right now.

    Presently working my way through a bottle of Hibiki Harmony ... it's tasty but nowhere as good as the old version of Hibiki (before it became soooo globally popular!)
  • edited January 2019
    @Mark, Don’t take that glass of scotch outdoors. Freezing point of 80 proof liquor is -17 F. So that glass would probably shatter in your hand. Suggestion would be to upgrade to 90 proof or higher.
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