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Recapturing Portfolio Loss



  • BenWP said:

    I am also looking at what to prune and what to add. Two global growth funds, MGGPX and BGAFX, have held up amazingly well. I own the former, but consider the latter to be its equal. As of last night neither fund had lost more than 15% YTD, with the Baron fund at around -9%. All this could change in an instant, but I could see jettisoning APFDX and cutting back on DSENX in favor of one or both of MGGPX or BGAFX. Kind of surprised the Baron fund is not a Great Owl.

    I just looked up MGGPX and can't believe it currently only lost 13% this year. Again, I thank Ted for that one:-)
  • @Starchild: there has been discussion on the board of Kristian Heugh, manager of MGGPX, MIOPX, and MSAUX. Ted likes the global fund. Every one of Heugh's funds beats the pants off the competition in its category. Depending on where you shop, you can get these funds NTF. Schwab has the first two, but does not have the Asia fund. TDA does have it. I don't know about other brokerages.
  • Crash- My biggest holding is Prwcx as well- and Im sticking with it also- but MAN, Dodgx and Dodfx is scaring me!!!lets hope for rebound by end of year
  • edited March 2020
    @BennyB I babysit a friend's money (with his wife's, too.) I have them in Dodge & Cox Balanced DODBX. Every source says it's a solid choice, but that it is more volatile than most in its category--- the same category as PRWCX. I see clearly that those opinion-writers are correct. Good long-term choice. But no one could predict this massive dislocation from the wonderful coronavirus.
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    I have been using indexes(SFNNX, SWISX, SFILX, SFENX) for my stock portion of my portfolio, but it appears that when it comes to international investing managed funds may be a better way to go to recapture the loss in that portion of the portfolio. Any suggestions to replace these indexes would be appreciated. Recently mentioned MGGPX and BGAFX look like viable options for either SFNNX and SWISX.
  • RPGAX is global, not international, and it is balanced, not all stocks. It has been recommended to me, before. (I wonder how well it might complement my PRWCX?) It has a BIG bunch of holdings, so it appears well-diversified, both the equities and the bonds. AAA and BBB comprise the biggest share of the bonds.

  • I've been buying into the falling knives, but the losses are .... okay for the moment. Doing little if any selling, because I rarely sell into a down market.

    On some existing stock positions I've put on combo positions using options to hopefully accellerate the recovery. To wit: My cost basis on a large long-term position in EPD is in the mid-20s. When it was down around 10 the other week I sold a double-batch of the 10 puts and bought the same number of 13 calls, all of which expire in 2022 ... plenty of time for a recovery. And if not, I'm happy to have the stock put to me at 10 or less. (With the market these past few days, they've already almost halved the losses on that position already, btw.)

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