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Perpetual Buy/Sell/Why Thread

edited August 2020 in Fund Discussions
Order placed to liquidate my moderate-sized position in VMVFX that I've had since 2014 for 15% LTCGs. I've noticed it's starting to own more large global corps (Alibaba, JnJ, etc) that are not in the small/mid-cap range that once attracted me to it. Plus not sure I still want to be in small/mid-caps these days, either.


  • Sold DSENX, VTI, and USO yesterday. First two for good profit and last one for slight loss
  • edited August 2020
    Invested within my stock and bond asset allocation of 15% cash, 45% income and 40% equity; and, currently building cash as I believe stock and bond valuations are stretched. I am awaiting a stock market pull back before I put new money to work on the equity side of my portfolio. When interest rates start to rise I will trim from the income side.
  • Put some cash to work in VBILX, VBIRX, and VLAIX in IRA accts and VWIUX in taxable. Currently in “Rewirement” with a an asset allocation of 30%/60%/10% (Equity/FI/Cash).
  • USAA transferred my TIRA to Schwab recently and I have decided to hold this low cost ETF portfolio:
    ER = 0.08%

  • Bought FDHY etf. It's performed better than quite a few etfs and OEF, and if the trade goes against me, I'll sell without incurring any short-term transaction fees.
  • TRP - PRNEX was down $4K - Exchanged to TCELX - New China Fund at TRP. Share price and made up what I lost. Then exchanged Africa/Middle East and already have made up for 1/2 of what I lost.
  • Sold my small holding in MWCRX yesterday.
  • edited August 2020
    Did a little rebalancing among funds this week. Reduced stock allocation from 57% to 55% (the balance point for stocks set at the start of the year). Reestablished position in JABAX. A little concerned about stocks going into late summer/early fall, especially with pandemic.
  • Hello
    Added more slv, brk.b. started new position in PAA
    Have more divs coming in 8.15th, not really sure what to do with them, maybe buy more index equities or add more to BIAWX/spread among others
  • Good day All. Wed. added to svaax. Looks to me to have more upside to get back to where it was pre - covid - 19.
  • Allocating a bit of cash to SWAN, a defensive bond alternative (90% treasuries) that held up well during the March swoon.
  • Rebalanced my 401(k) yesterday. Sold some VG 500 Index CIT shares and added to existing Dodge & Cox Income (DODIX) shares. Increased DODIX allocation 4.3% within 401(k).
  • edited August 2020
    Order placed to close out my VDIGX position as part of portfolio simplification. 14% gain since Feb.

    Going into the rest of the year I expect to re-open and significantly fund a PRBLX holding as a core position in the OEF part of my portfolio.

  • Rebalanced aggressively out of domestic equity in last 8 weeks into balanced funds VWINX and PRWCX and global balanced fund, VGWLX. Increased cash position.

    Market is advancing while waiting for more QE (more like dope).
  • edited August 2020
    Due to elevated asset valuations (stocks & bonds) I'm now back to a cash build mode while I await the next stock market pullback (5% to 10% range, or better, from 52 week high). In addition, I'd like to see a dividend yield for the S&P 500 Index in the 2.0+% range. Although growth has been where the momentum has been of late I'm thinking better value can presently be had in value stocks over their growth cousins.

    For the past month a good number of my value type funds have been the better performers within my portfolio with some having dividend yields in the three to four percent range. Now being retired and an income focused investor two domestic value type funds that I own which are good dividend payers are SVAAX and IDIVX with yields of 4.2% and 3.7% respectively. In addition, they have returned better than ten percent over the past 90 days and are now starting to find some traction with returns in the five to six percent range over the past thiry days.

    Another good dividend paying global fund that I favor, with a dividend yield of about 3.3%, which has had a three month return of better than twenty percent and a little better than six percent return over the past 30 days is EADIX. This fund is listed by M* as LCB but has a good number of growth stocks in it.
  • I am keeping equities to close to 25% my minimum and am selling YCGEX and increasing exposure to AEDAX and MAINX and GLD

    Eventually the far better control of Covid in Europe has to be reflected in their economies and as the US Dollar weakens, Emerging bonds and Gold will also benefit

    But nobody is going to win until there is an effective vaccine and everybody takes it. The market thinks that will happen this fall, expecting there will be a rally that will knock your sox off.

    But this is unlikely and when it is delayed and if there is a Blue wave, I think we will see a March like bottom.
  • I sold a small stake in WAFMX Friday. Nav wasn't at an all time high , but seems to drop when it hits around $3.00, so received $2.97.
    Enjoy your weekend, Derf
  • @Derf: I’ve tried frontier markets in the past and only succeeded when a Morgan Stanley CEF converted to OEF. A quick look at the countries the Wasatch fund holds made me think it’s an ordinary EM diversified vehicle as opposed to one with a lot of holdings in countries whose stock markets are truly nascent. A new guy posted today on Foreign frontier funds domiciled abroad. Uzbekistan, for example. Now you’re talking frontier!
  • @BenWP Good catch on the MS CEF to OEF conversion. It's a profitable and very satisfying trade whenever a CEF trading at a discount converts to an OEF trading at NAV! Of course, I have no clue how to identify these conversions ahead of time.
  • edited August 2020
    Miners sagged Friday and were off as of noon today. Slipped a really small amount of $$ into OPGSX today to bolster the existing small amount. It’s no longer part of my normal allocation, as the price rise has been too steep this year. Now just 1-2% of portfolio. Strictly spec. However, three of my other funds have significant exposure to miners / metals: PRPFX, BRCAX, ABRZX.

    A little bit of the glittery stuff goes a long way - unless you’re in to swallowing lit torches.:)
  • @rforno, I too notice the change in the top holdings of VMVFX since the management change in 2019 - Alibaba is not low volatility stock. Sold part of it last year and will unwind the rest as the market climbs. What are the unique advantages of PRBLX?

  • I like that PRBLX is concentrated and not an index-hugger. Nor does it hold many of the 'usual' big names found in most funds - at least in any large amount. Looking at 2008, it only lost 22% compared to 36%+ on the S&P, and in my view has performed nicely since (including during periods of volatility) which tells me their managers are good about controlling for risk via stock/sector allocations. PRBLX marches to their own drummer, imho. The only thing I wish was for the ER to be a bit lower, but it's not a show-stopper for me.

    (It tends to pay out monster LTCGs each year, btw.)
    Sven said:

    @rforno, I too notice the change in the top holdings of VMVFX since the management change in 2019 - Alibaba is not low volatility stock. Sold part of it last year and will unwind the rest as the market climbs. What are the unique advantages of PRBLX?

  • Thank you. I believe there is an institutional shares but it may requires $1M minimum. I too like to consolidate my funds to a handful for ease of tracking.

    There is no capital gain issue if you use it in tax deferred account. Tax efficiency is not one of the goal in active managed funds.
  • @Sven - PRILX and it's $100K at Fidelity. Should I tell them that you want two?
  • @Mark, Thank you for the info. $100K is doable if one consolidates several funds into one. Many institutional shares require $1M. At Vanguard, one can buy Pimco institutional shares for $25K while it requires $1M at Fidelity.
  • @Sven, (you might already know this but) sometimes those minimum initial investment amounts are not what they seem at Fidelity at least. I have bought some $1M funds with a $2500-5000 initial investment (TIBIX and one of the Eagle funds). I always try to enter a trade if I'm interested enough.
  • Thanks. I remember others on this board (perhaps it was you) mentioned that in the past. At present I am trying to consolidate my funds for ease of tracking.

  • Picked up first chunk of IVOL at $27.50. Yes, it's FI, but it's an interesting little nugget, imho.
  • @rforno: I see IVOL at 52 week high. How long have you had your eye on this ETF ?
    Stay Safe, Derf
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