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Non-political break: Scotch Whisky



  • What I've just bought and really enjoy. I could not post this the other day. Internet out completely, until into the wee hours, next day:
  • rforno said:

    We're not just a scotch snobs. One of our fave go-to bourbons is called Widow Jane. It uses the magical waters of upstate New York, which for those who know about New York's water, makes for a great, smooth taste.

    One of my favs. Had some this weekend as a matter of fact.
  • Especially on trans-pac flights, I will indulge in wine with dinner, a cocktail before, and one or more afterwards, plus tons of water -- which usually is enough to knock me out to get a few solid hours of lie-flat sleep in b-class. :)
  • edited August 2020
    WABAC said:

    hank said:

    WABAC said:

    Dewars for flying .“

    Don’t normally drink while flying
    I haven't lost a flight yet. Two in the departure airport. And two on the plane. But I'm not dogmatic if it's a short hop like San Francisco to LA. Or if I'm driving on the other end.

    Flying is OK. It's the airports, loading, and unloading that get me.
    Re whiskey - I drank quantities of bourbon back 30-40 years ago. Thinking about it always reminds me of that line in a song by Hank Williams Jr. about how “... Jim Beam nearly killed me in 1973 ...”:)
    I now allow myself a couple of mini bottles a week. Bulleit usually.

    I love flying like you wouldn’t believe. So, I’d prefer not to dull the senses before or during the flight so as to take it all in. Same as live theater. Folks pay $200-$250 for a good Broadway seat and than drink their way through the production. To each his own ... but it wouldn’t be my choice. And, of course, a glass of sparkling water at a NY theater runs about $6. Can’t imagine what folks are paying at the bar there.

    On second thought ... maybe they’re trying to forget how much they paid for the seat.:)
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