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Edward Studzinski commentary MFO

Enjoy reading his comments on MFO. Wondering if Ed ever posted comments in Discussions?


  • edited October 2021

    Enjoy reading his comments on MFO. Wondering if Ed ever posted comments in Discussions?

    Hmm. It seems increasingly a little like elderly late-night AM talkshowspeak, out-there, doomish without specifics, yet also equivocal:

    >> we are on the edge of a period of hyperinflation

    >> it would inflate away the debt being undertaken to finance a new paradigm.

    >> another bank in a different part of the state ... told me their [hiring] problem was that the news media have made people so frightened of the Delta variant of the virus,

    >> if oil hits $90 a barrel by the end of the year, there will be a major impact on the economy and the way of life for most of America.

    >> Some of the [tax] changes being bandied about could have major impacts in the areas of ... family-owned businesses.

    >> when in doubt, sometimes the best thing to do is – nothing.

    ( "Paul Harvey. ... ... Good night!" )
  • Paul Harvey? Boy, you are old! :)
  • I believe he has posted a few times. I enjoy his commentary as well.
  • What is his user name?
  • Old_Joe said:

    Paul Harvey? Boy, you are old! :)

    Maybe not.

    "In late August [2001], 83-year-old broadcasting legend Paul Harvey returned full-time to radio land. For three months, he'd been out of commission thanks to a lingering virus that zapped his once invincible voice box."

    Paul Harvey Noon News and Comment - Feb. 16, 2009 (Last one by Paul)

    And now you know ... the rest of the story.

  • I first heard him as a child in the 1950s, and it came to help me understand thoughtless reactionary minds and their frights. Plus wannabe-droll delivery.
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