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Asset Allocation Funds

anyone know of any successful funds for navigating these waters, similar to the British investment trusts, such as Ruffer Investment Company, Capital Gearing or Personal Assets?


  • I see that (as of last night) Fidelity Canada FICDX is down ytd by just -2.84%. The Big 5 Canadian banks continue to resist the onslaught. At least, they are down less than the overall market.

    YTD: as of last night.
    CM. -7.96
    BNS. -12.23
    BMO. -4.88
    TD. -6.34
    RY. -6.43

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    In the Balanced funds that I track, Buffalo Flexible fund did remarkably well during this downturn. However, as you already know, there is no guarantee that it will perform as well over a full economic cycle. I did not investigate what is the reason for its out performance. It is down just 6% from its 52 week high with positive returns over 3 months, YTD, and 12 months

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    These are some good funds to watch for in the current market. Thank you. The trouble I have is anything thats doing well in 2022 is basically a function of Value Stocks + short term treasury bills. To have held that position coming into 2022 you had to suffer for a fairly long time before. something to think about and decide what the investor wants...
    The Buffalo fund feels like worthy of further investigation. Despite owning Microsoft and Costco the fund is holding up remarkably well
  • Perhaps the fund has a flexible mandate similar to those in allocation funds. At present, the fund is consisted of 95% equity, 2.5% REIT and 2.7% cash. Good candidate to investigate further.
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    BUFBX / BUFIX is classified as Allocation 85%+ equity (it had 97.26% equity on 3/31/22, Fact Sheet) and is self-benchmarked to 100% equity R3000. It has a huge overweight in energy at 24.8% (3/31/22 Fact Sheet), the only sector that is doing well now. It is unclear if this energy overweight is recent or if it always had this. It has done well in 2021 and 2022YTD, but not so well in other years. I have used the Fact Sheet data referred to by @Derf as M* has only 12/31/21 data.

    It is not a typical allocation/balanced fund as understood here. M* shows equity % range over 5 years as 87.5-98.44%, so it has that "flexibility" at rather high equity %.
  • Invenomic has done quite well too recently
  • I used to invest in BUFBX. It’s always been overweight energy, at least in recent history, as well as value stocks. Thus it hasn’t performed well in recent years until recently, as growth stocks have tumbled and energy boomed.
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    Just noticed that a former topic at MFO, CTFAX, has added equity three times this month when the S&P 500 hit their triggers -- now up to 25%. If interested, see "asset allocation update" on the fund page.
  • If you don't mind a fund holding Junk bonds, Utilities, Healthcare, Treasuries, and Energy, check out Franklin Income Fund. Its stodgy portfolio might be a good match for current conditions.
  • Thank you @Bobpa. By the way, you'll find a lot more historical data if you use the older A1 share class ticker - FKINX. The A1 share class is closed to new investors.
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