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Any Funds You're Hoping Will Reopen Because of the Bear Market?

Any on your wish lists?


  • carew388 said:


    *Compare PRHYX and TUHYX. I got into the latter because the former is closed. The ER is .05 cheaper on PRHYX. And it's much more spread-out. Manager tenure is over 3 years now. On TUHYX, Manager tenure is over 9 years.

    PRHYX yield. 6.06
    TUHYX. 6.68

    PRHYX holdings: 472. 3 stars, bronze= morningstar. Duration 4.52.
    TUHYX 115. 3 stars, silver. (for whatever it may be worth.). Duration 4.37

    Looks to me that PRHYX holds some bonds from foreign companies. TUHYX is labeled "U.S. High Yield."
  • edited September 2022
    Possibly the Chestnut Street Exchange Fund (CHNTX) and/or BlackRock Exchange Portfolio (STSEX) for a retirement account.

    Brown Capital Management Small Company Fund (BCSIX , BCSSX) would be nice also.
  • If you like PRHYX, you could buy HYB instead as T. Rowe also manages it, but the risk is that it’s leveraged and as a close-end can trade at a premium or discount to its portfolio value. Currently, it trades at a discount, so it’s interesting. The leverage is a problem though in my opinion.
  • New accounts for PRWCX can be opened if you hold a minimum $250,000 balance directly with TRP. That minimum balance can be spread across different funds, including brokerage accounts.
  • PRWCX, but many other desired funds are not available on popular brokerage platforms.
  • @ron,

    PRILX is open to all investors with a $100K minimum.
    It may be available on some platforms with a lower minimum.
  • edited September 2022
    I wonder if any of T. Rowe's U.S. and foreign small-cap growth funds will reopen like PRIDX or PRNHX or OTCFX. Another fund that's been perpetually closed is WESNX.
  • Following up on @TheShadow: I have kept a small position in BCSIX and added a smidgeon to it fairly recently. I was a faithful investor in 3 of Brown Capital's funds and I thought they were making a laudable effort to bring in some new talent to help Eddie Brown and others who've been there a long time. However, from my perspective, relative performance has declined and I hold only the small-cap fund.
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